Super Close Up Biore Strip

Wow great camera quality!! Look at the harvest! You reap what you sow!! hahahah

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  1. That is so kewl. A million little blackheads all ripe being harvested.

  2. Amazing. Anyone else reminded of Sybille (sp?) with this one? A real treat for me. Thanks for posting!

  3. My Biore strips never worked that well. I loved how we could see the gunk actually coming out of the pores. Well done, hope to see more!

  4. rice rice baby! dude, get a facial, you will see what truly lies beneath the skin, not the heads of them! i got one, and man! they were stringy white snakes over 6 inches long!!! The woman was pisssed and said, “You have very big and deep black heads!”
    Went threw tons of towels, too!

  5. Cool vid.
    Aren’t those strips supposed to be bad for your skin? They look kind of painful given that hair was coming out along with gunk.

  6. Oooh. That was surprisingly yuck-worthy! Thanks, Norton (and, Norton–have you heard a who?) for sharing.

  7. ooletmegethat4ya says:

    Gives me a whole new appreciation for pore strips!

  8. Squeezie Queen says:

    That was awesome! If only a biore’ strip would work like that for me!!!

    I work in skincare and found out why they don’t work so well. Okay, the first few times, you pull those boogers out, yes! But what happens is the pore is damaged from the ripping out of blackheads and that’s why those damn strips stop working.

    If I’m wrong on my info, let me know! As far as I know, acid peels are the best way to eliminate them. But… Blackheads never go away. They will always fill back up. :*(

    I am in constant battle! lol

    Great find btw.

  9. They look like a sea of botflys being yanked from their cozy homes….my porestrips look like that but alas….no camera to film it….

  10. That was pornographically good.

  11. I’m green with envy!!

  12. katt ~ I got that same image at times! But overall this video was freakin’ wicked awesome! I had always wanted someone to vid in macro on one of those strip removals – but as populated as that strip was – I want to see one of those wide deeeeeeeeep pore full of thick blackhead gunk noses get done.

    I still got toe curl tho’. Nice to curl. >;P

    THANX Norton!!!!

    ~ H.S.

  13. Love this. I can never get my strips to out like that.

  14. Over the top camera work. Some of those did look like bot fly larvae.
    Very nice Norton & thanks!!!

  15. I bet that’s would it would be like if I put some of that sticky paper on my dads back.

  16. Pheeewww!!
    I need a cigarette now

  17. NZSTubbs – lmao – me too! And this is the fourth time I’ve watched this – well, the first time this morning…;P

    Gods, I just love this video!

  18. pimplepoppinmama says:

    I agree with bino about it reminding me of Sybille… and I agree with NZStubbs… very satisfying! I do like this one and am surprised because there is no pop or splat. Great find norton. Thanks for posting!

  19. Bino, yes, Right on with the likeness to Sybill, That was so fresh, I really did enjoy.
    Great effort w/the camera. Norton, thanks so much!

  20. I cannot get over how many blackheads were on that person’s nose!!! Some really big ones came out but some were just pulled to the surface. I use those strips and I think they work great.

  21. magna-cum-pus says:

    Norton, that was great cinema! And loved the pus forest!

    Was that guy using a full color electron microscope? Absolutely superb closeup and capture quality.

    5/5 for craftmanship and cinematography

  22. For me Sybille is an art piece, so no comparison there with these one.
    NOT saying that this is bad, good Lord, is unbelivable.!!!!!!!! it has it´s own charm…… great Noton, thanks for posting it.
    Does someone knows, how long does it takes ,for someone not to clean, wash or even bath, to make the nose so dirty?

  23. Nose does not have to be dirty. Some people just have more black heads than others. Probably has excess oily skin. It happens.

  24. The only thing missing was a good “before” shot. But other than that, pure blackhead porn!

  25. bugtothelight says:

    What part of his body is he “stripping?” That’d be one heck of a nose, if that’s the case. If it’s on his arm, that’d be interesting…the strips would just pull up hair and skin for me. Does he have that one condition, Keratosis Palaris (sp…i’m sure i botched that up) ?
    Regardless, i must say it’s actually good advertising/publicity/promotion for Biore. I want to go buy some strips and just WISH that’d happen.

  26. Hmmm, maybe a really good hot wash from time to time? Do these ppl have any idea about hygiene? Mind you, i was entertained, so please remain dirty for more! LOL

  27. i dont understand why i don’t get those results…or even close. if anything the sticky stuff stays on my nose and i end up scratching everything off. if i do get something out it’s clogged again in a few days. overall, nice slumber party activity…

  28. Tons of those things….wow, i’ve gotta say – watching that on full screen was f r e a k i n g awesome! Thanks for that one.

  29. Has he ever washed his face?????

  30. ThatisNotaCello says:

    No, he hasn’t, and thank goodness. This was the best use of a HD camera EVER.

  31. I see alot of comments leaning toward the thought this is a “dirty” person. Not necessarily true brothers and cysters. We all have oil glands and are constantly sloughing off dead skin cells. As long as we have pores, there is going to be matter on the surface and in the pores to be pulled up. Otherwise our skin would be brittle. This person may have skipped a shower, but by no means should we think s/he is dirty, that probably isn’t the case at all.

  32. Wow! You’re my idol!

  33. That was like watching a porn loop, running backwards. Same close-up about 10 times. phew, I need a cigarette!

  34. magna-cum-pus says:

    Oscar for Cinema

  35. Trust No One says:

    Did anyone notice the bug!?! Anyway, all around it was a 10 !!! Kool post Nort…..

  36. All I can say is WOW that was so AWESOME!! Nice video quality, nice blackheads, nice slow pulling action. This is definately going on my favs list. This has got to be one of the best videos yet. Very Nice!!!!!! I vote Oscar for sure!!! I neeD MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!

  37. I tried them many many years ago when they first came out and was not that impressed with them. They didnt seem to remove anything but leave a sticky residue behind…however, like I said it was a long time ago and Im sure many improvement have been made since. After seeing this, they are already on my shopping list for my next trip to Walmart…..Cant wait (never thought I would ever say that. about going to do my weekly grocery shopping …LOL) its not my favorite chore.

  38. Yea, it never looks like that when I use the strips either, and I’m left with large pores afterward.
    But I have a question. What would you call the little spikes that are left on the strip? The contents of the pores that gets pulled out?

  39. Finally, great camera work and something worthwhile to watch!

  40. Katie Hernandez says:

    O.o Now all I want for Christmas are Biore strips!!!!!

  41. This was good except for the camera. It was all over the place and I could tell it missed a couple of really good ones that I would have loved to have seen being pulled out of the skin, but otherwise it was a great idea! I loved the hair with a blackhead attached!

  42. great payload, focus could be better…

    thanks for the post

  43. What I love so much about PTZ is that there is something here for everybody. I personally get more satisfaction from squeezing…but I defend the rights of anyone who prefers using biore strips!!

    1. spicycrispypuppy says:

      I’m completely hypnotized by this every time I see it. My eyes get all big and I lean in toward the screen, and when the big long ones come out, I realize I’m holding my breath. It’s better than most of the movies that come out anymore.

  44. Sweet Squeezer says:

    I would love to see a before picture of that skin!

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