Students popping an abscess

Animal Abscess…. short and sweet

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    1. didn’t this come around in 07?

  1. What an unusual angle, I believe that was a goat in a pen, Em. not a cow. The give looked like a wide thin sheet of sebum or the like. I guess animals give sebum. I had to watch that 3 times before my eyes adjusted. Good vid, bunches, quite unique. Thanks!

  2. Wow what a great NEW post of an abscess! The money shot is definately in the 1st 3 seconds!
    Thanks for such a great new vid Bunches of Daisys

  3. Well at least it looked like the Vet knew WTF she was doing this time!!! She was cleaning it well and Thank God she was wearing gloves!

  4. wackenaplayer says:

    Yea! School’s back in session. Potential for more vids

  5. Great one, Bunches!

  6. magna-cum-pus says:

    Daisy, you are a daisy for finding that. Devine.

  7. oh Magna how absolutely cute! And i agree with you…

  8. Absolutely great video! Chunky goodness going a rather strange way! lol

      1. @MotherEruption ~

        Oh yes, yes in many many ways.

  9. Twisted Cyster says:

    Owhhh yeah!!! Holy COW ?!?!? Nice Post Thankzzzz !!!

  10. There is an episode of “Dirty Jobs” where Mike Rowe is working on a hide in a tannery, and they show him that one of the early steps in the process is to pop these cysts on the inside of the hide. Looks like it is common to have several blobs when they are working to make leather. I’m not a good searcher, but that would be a good clip to add to this site. PPM- do we already have it?

    1. that clip is already on this site
      ur right. its a great clip.

  11. Luvnpus –

    :) One of my fav episodes. I love Mike Rowe! And I can always tell when he does a documentary voice over too. woo hoo! Love this video here too! Thanks bunches!!!!!

      1. @MotherEruption ~

        Awwwwww…. ;) Love you, too. Bunches and bunches!!!!

        ~ H.S. *blush* Who would’ve known then, eh?

  12. magna-cum-pus says:

    Guys, Mike Rowe is a big big fav of mine too. Watch Dirty Jobs all the time; genuine(I believe), funny as heck. The goatskin zit episode demonstrates physiology of a cyst.

  13. infundibulum says:

    I believe the Barefoot Contessa has a great recipe for Goat Chesse Tart!

  14. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Good job kids! I give you an A+
    See one, do one, teach one……

  15. Angle could have been better, but good none-the-less.

  16. This is an oldie but a goodie.

  17. what happened to gravity that day?

  18. i want to goto that class they will get used to it the students i think i would have been the teacher pet in this class raising my hand saying pick me pick me lol great find bunches_of_daisys smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  19. “flush it then you squeeze it” sounds like good advice to me. A+ for the student

  20. Thanks to bunches_of_daisys and to our leaders for bringing the video back!! Ya gotta believe the animal feels better afterwards!

  21. Love,


    Lovelovelovelove, lovelovelovelove, lovelovelovelove….

    How many of you pustulous poppies get it?


  22. Was this a group of Vet students?

    I heard it make a pop/snap sound when the large chunk came out!!! :)

  23. A cyst contents rolled up like a tortilla.

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