Painful Cyst Removal

The YouTube title of this is “Sebaceous Cyst Removal from Back-Done in Home-Alabama Style.” A doctor is removing it but the patient is feeling a LOT of pain. This is a juicy one, folks! Enjoy! — ppm

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  1. Wow that was gushy!! nice find!!


      1. It would have hurt the same if he were at an ER getting it drained. Once they get infected like that it prevents the lidocaine from numbing the entire area because it just mixes in with the pus. He would have been in the same amount of pain no matter what. Especially since it looks like he had been trying to pop it himself for some time. That’s allot of bruising he has.

      2. OozeLover says:

        It’s easy to judge when watching this, but the Doctor clearly knows the patient and the family. Some people deal with their pain by biting their tongues, some by bitching the whole time (I head towards this one) and of course some by just passing out. When I gave birth to my daughter, I kept taking off the gas mask to scream that it hurt, and my hubby kept putting it back on, saying I know, now BREATHE. Of course, stopping labour isn’t an option but somewhere in the back of my head I knew he was saying and doing the right things and that I had to follow along and I tried to until overwhelmed by the next contraction.

    2. I would have punched that guy who kept saying it’s ok, it’s ok. Nothings ok when youre IN PAIN and can feel it. I mean it looks like this guy went to a professional dr, why would they not make him comfortable during the procedure? the hell?

  2. yes, that is pretty reflective of “doctors” in the south. (judging by the accents at least). I had a root canal without any painkillers.o.O

    1. WTF!?! No painkillers?!?! OMG – how? Did they knock you out instead or something? How the hell were you able to sit still?

  3. I hope someone had a percocet or vicodin for that guy. Geez he sounded like he was in pain.

  4. Wow!!! Now hold on, you’re ok. You’re ok. That hurts like heeeell!
    Y’all be alright! Y’all have some friend chicken here, I might need to get some good eatin after this!

    Anyhow, very nice and thanks to the tough guy!!! I am sure that hurt like zit.

  5. This is a great video. Nice and clear and kept on the cyst. I hope someone had a good pain killer for that guy because he deserved a good one.

  6. He DID have painkillers. Didn’t you see the injection of lidacaine? With that much infection it is hard to get the entire area completely numb. If he was feeling that you would have heard more screaming.

  7. Poor guy :( Even with Lidacaine it was still hurting like a sum-e-na-beesh

  8. Excellent posting–thank you so much for the posting–patient was good and medical attention seemed more than adequate. I can see a sequel??

  9. Nice one. I was never able to block out the filthy dirty left foot of the surgeon that we see in the beginning — around the 22 second mark — just barely encroaching on that pristine “surgical surface.” Poor guy. Needs some Southern Comfort.

  10. wow poor guy! he was a trooper alright. why didn’t they give him more freezing? i guess the doc brought only one syringe of the stuff and he had to suffer.
    good thing his family was there and being really upbeat for him, i think that made a difference as to how much he was feeling. the doc seemed to be capable and very calming too. still he really needed more lidocane.

    1. The more infection under the skin, the less lidocaine works. It just gets mixed in with the pus and dulls the effect. He could have given him 2 more lido injections and he’d still be in pain like that.

  11. ooletmegethat4ya says:

    “Do you feel that?”
    “Yes oww oww oww OWWWW I feel that I FEEL THAT!”
    “Doug, it’s OK”
    “Noooooooooo, it’s NOT OK”

    I jumped between laughing and feeling bad for the guy! …knowing good and well if I were the one digging around in that thing I wouldn’t have wanted to stop either. ;) hehhehehehehehe

  12. Well, bless their cotton-picking hearts … that was a guddun.

  13. as a southerner i must respond by saying kiss my ass Yankees, now about the video, pretty good i think!

  14. Wow awsome post PPM !! Excellent camera work and great gusher!
    The poor guy was obviously in a lot ofpain, so I hope he got more than fried chicken & JD, but good medical work!

  15. Brilliant – no pain no gain!! Home surgery rocks!! My God, the US medical system must be really bad for ppl to have to do this zite at home!! More power to your man though!

  16. Im not sure what the man performing the procedure is, if he was a doc he should have known that infected tissue does not numb properly. He did seem to know the routine though. It sure was full of prime, grade A stinky exudate though. I do bet the fellow is quite relieved.

  17. magna-cum-pus says:

    PPM – you ROCK, always gettin the good stuff, another 5/5 today! But man, OUCH OUCH OUCH no WAY would I let anyone put me through that! Good gosh almighty! Holy crap!

  18. Thanks for the comments and well wishes everyone. Whoever posted this here informed me that it was here and I just wanted to drop in and give you some background info. I have had the cyst for about 5 yrs. It has been the size of a marble up until about a month ago. The guy doing the procedure is a doctor and he did use lidocaine. He also informed me that it may not have that much of an effect on it but may help some. I trust this doctor with my life therefore had no question about him doing the procedure. The area was cleaned very well and he did call me in an antibiotic to help fight infection. Now about the procedure. Yes it hurt like hell, I will not lie about that. I also have a ton of relief now from the cyst. I am keeping heat on it and it continues to drain and I am changing bandages twice a day and pulling out about 1/2 inch of packing a day. Still a little sore but 100X better than it was. Now for the video part. You really have to go back and listen to everything that was going on. I missed most of it as I was trying to block out everything but it really is FUNNY. Things such as: my sister asking my mom to get her child some more goldfish, me sayinig that I never thought that being is this position with my loved one would hurt this bad….( I had my head burrind in my wifes lap), my Dad saying that if he ever had to have this done that he would make it an overnight procedure, my Uncle saying that it really did look like he knew what he was doing, my Sister making sounds that are usually reserved for pornos….Oh Yeeeaaaa, thats it……its everyting I thought it would be and more….yeah thats it (she was filming also), my dr with his calm voice saying that it was alright and me telling him that it was not alright. Well you get the picture. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks and I am glad that I could be of some entertainment to everyone, although that is not what I intended. “Mash-on”!!!!!!

  19. 10/10 I thought the woman was going to orgasm!

  20. I will call this a “good one”. This is an ideal time to be doing this stuff. I have it on video. I really enjoyed this video with the sound ON. “It is okay” is the best line a doctor can say to a patient on a kitchen floor. This video is a classic. Thank you, Doug, Doc and filming crew for this “sleeper”. And that you PPM for the posting. You “got the good stuff”.

  21. I sure hope he took some antibotics after that, I could see a large red area around the exit hole that was most likely full of more infected puss!

  22. “Ow!”
    “That’s okay.”
    “That’s okay.”
    “That’s okay.”

    Incredible. That doc seems to have been from the old, old school which followed the credo, “pain doesn’t kill, so it is unnecessary to treat it”. And his bedside manner, of not really saying anything of substance and pretty much ignoring the patient other than to repeatedly say “That’s okay” (which it clearly was not for the patient), simply amazing. I’d hate to be treated by him.

  23. jordan1870 says:

    It never ceases to amaze me that even in this day and age we still have those doctors who aren’t as concerned with their patients’ comfort. I have lived in Alabama all of my life and still run into this occasionally. Although many of you have implied that we’re all still uneducated redneck types, please realize that a large part of the population of the state falls into one of the most high tech regions of the country. I’m in NE AL which is home to NASA, Marshall Space Flight Center and Redstone Arsenal. I, personally, have a n MS and work for the government. So, although we do still occasionally run into these types of physicians (and other professionals) in this area, please remember that stereotyping an entire state or region is wrong. I’ve traveled much of my career and have met different types of individuals in all areas. I’m not on my so called ‘high horse’, just want everyone to realize that we’re not all hillbillies. Thanks for listening. Peace to you all. :)

    1. If that was my doctor I’d be glad that he was more concerned about my health than my short term comfort. it would have gotten the same treatment in the ER.

  24. Beautiful payload. :)

  25. Pumperpimple says:

    Didn’t you all hear. No one would do it and if someone did no one had any money to pay for it. Nice bro. That is why no pain meds. Poor guy.

  26. pussbuster says:

    I think they were talking about something else.
    I thought I heard something about open heart surgery. I guessed he was talking about having them film his open heart surgury.
    I could be totally wrong. I only listened once.

    I like how these guys like to say it’s OK, It’s OK.
    It’s not OK, it hurts like hell.

  27. Thank you for a fantastic gunky post PimplePoppinMomma!
    I was surprised to see the doc stick that blade in so far. And I just hated it when the pop-ee groaned in pain and the doc said, it’s ok, it’s ok. Bullzit, it’s not ok. It hurts damn it! He also didn’t get the sac out and didn’t even mention it. Makes ya wonder.
    And if I may quote BigSqUeeZe, “Well, bless their cotton-picking hearts … that was a guddun.”

    1. You can’t get the sac out when it’s infected like that.

      I always find it strange that people think that no one should ever have to be in pain for any reason. But his body developed a cyst that has gotten infected, and due to the infection the pain meds won’t work so well, so he has to be in a small amount of short term pain to get better. Therefor as i see it- yes, it is ok for him to be in pain.

  28. We have such good Dr’s here in the South where else would your Dr come to your house for this. Kudos to the Dr. and the poor patient it is so hard to get these things numb and on the lower back wow that had to hurt. What a great video. Glad you brought this one back.

  29. Guys the patient said next time I get one of these i am gonna have open heart surg for it and the Dr said no one would do that and if they would no one would pay for it ,,, He was not putting down on the guy they were joking.

  30. “IT HURTS!” “Thats okay.”

  31. WHY do some of you always have to poke fun of people with a southern accent? People cannot determine what type of accent they have. I have a deep southern accent. I have lived in Canada since 1985 and I still have it. It is a part of me that has always been there and always will be. I don’t see you make fun of people with, let’s say, a distinct Boston accent!

    1. Yes, how about those from NY, Queens, Brooklyn, Maine, Minnesota, Philadelphia, New Mexico – each has an accent but they aren’t targeted as slow, idiots, slow witted, etc… Can’t judge a book by it’s cover or in this case – the accent (drawl). I enjoy hearing it.

  32. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    This was done in a trailer, wasn’t it………………….

  33. Was there a sac supposed to be in there?

  34. That guys a wimp! I’ve had a pilonidal cyst drained twice and I didn’t say a thing….

    1. The spot where this guy’s cyst was located is where there are many nerves very near the surface of the skin. It is extremely sensitive to any kind of stimulus. His procedure, particularly when performed by a doctor who ignores the fact that more anesthetic was obviously needed, is very painful indeed.

      It is exactly the opposite of the spot at the bottom of the spine, where you can jam an icepick in and feel hardly anything. So I wouldn’t be feeling like such a macho man. You can blowtorch the pilonidal area and it feels like blowing a kiss.

      Bottom line: his procedure caused a hell of a lot more pain than yours.

  35. I love the cysts that just keep on giving. Loved it!!! So juicy!! ehehehehehe

  36. I always feel bad for the people who’s cysts become infected and have to be cut and drained like thisone. Especially when you can see bruising around the area- you can see they tried really hard to get it to pop themselves. It must make it even more tender and painful when pressure is applied to pop the pus pockets by someone else. I wish we could see more of these types of infected cysts. It’s facinating to watch!

    1. Thank you – I thought it looked bruised before the incision was made. Glorious pus content. I prefer to make one long strong squeeze and watch it pile up. They did a great job. The hemostat probing and packing seems to hurt everyone – even those who have lidocaine shots that numbed them up.

  37. It’s Dr. Marquis de Sade!

  38. It looked bruised and abused! Great find, and solid… I mean oozy puss!

  39. This is an oldie but a goodie. It was oozing with thick and chunky pus. I am sorry that the guy was in so much pain even with the numbing, but it made a really good video. Thanks for the post ppm. MrsTeee

  40. Wow, this poor ziter really had to suck it up! I do not envy him at all. God please save me from cracker doctors!

  41. get rrrrrrrrr done !!!!!! lmao haha

  42. Lord have mercy! Look doc if your not gonna give this poor soul a pain killer can you at least give him a 5th of moon shine and a couple of pot brownies?

  43. After reading all the comments…all I have to say is that…not everybody has the same level of tolerance for pain…such as myself…that comes into consideration, you know…

    1. GREAT point!

  44. wtf is this a real doctor?? wheres the sac? this guy is bob n bills taxidermy wtf hes no doc more like a quack!!!!

  45. Sock Monkey says:

    Have no worries; this guy is protected by Under Armor just like Spiderman! ;)

  46. Thanks to PPM for delivering the video and to BamaStyle the poppee for popping in to tell us about his ordeal. We do love seeing oozing owies, but we never wanted you to be in so much pain. Hope you are all healed up now.

  47. Every time I watch this I get angry all over again. Not only was the guy in serious pain; not only were his cries of pain ignored by the doctor; not only did the doctor treat him like he was a baby for saying anything; not only did the doctor refuse to even consider more topical or injectable anesthetic (which the patient clearly needed); not only did the guy’s own wife ignore him as well; but the wife and the doc sounded like they were just one drink away from hopping in the sack with each other.

    Let’s assume there was not a thing in the world the doc could have done: he still treated the patient like he was a huge bother to him. It’s this kind of “shut up, I’m the doctor and you’re just a weak pussy of a patient” attitude that make it hard for people to have sympathy for doctors about how the practice of medicine as we know it will be virtually destroyed by Obamacare.

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Good point @jumbob . Yup, ya can kiss the health care profession as we have known it goodbye .

      Welcome to the new Third World Country citizens…..

  48. wylderose says:

    I’m sorry that you had so much pain Mr Poppee-man-with armour-plated-undies ;-) Hope it makes you feel better that dozens of people were “oohing and ahhing” over your cyst and that you are quite the celebrity around here :-D If you ever get another wonderful cyst needing attention please think of us and film it again, you have no idea just how enjoyable stuff like this is to us (not that we enjoy watching pain, far from it, we just love pus and stuff and yours was magnificent, lol)… Pop on!!

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