My mother’s earwax.

Mama's earwax 2.

Mama's earwax.

17 Comments on “My mother’s earwax.

  1. Holy crap thats awesome!! Your family is full of good stuff. Keep it coming!! hehe :-)

  2. ok, if it is one thig I cannot stand… Dirty ears! Gross!!!
    I clean my husbands ears and my sons ears constantly, because it drives me nuts.
    I have even purchased an otoscope so I can see what’s in the ear, I want ears to be clean!

  3. That’s lovely. I enjoy earwax so much. I wish there were more earwax videos out there. Or that I got really bad build up and could spend all my time extracting it myself. Sigh at my wax free ears.

  4. are you sure you got the whole thing?? Looks like roots to something. tee hee Good closeup!

  5. Someone needs to clean her ears more often. J/K

  6. earwax? really? pffffft

  7. pimplepoppinmama says:

    LOL OhHellNaw I love your name! Every time I see it I just have to laugh. Thanks for that!
    I love earwax BTW. I am always cleaning it out of my ears. Can’t stand it in there. This is especially yukky. Good vid ecarambe!

  8. magna-cum-pus says:

    Ecarambe – better watch what you say because your mom can hear you now!

    Thing looks like a scorpion.

  9. hey kinda looks like an emu if you look at it the right way on the q-tip! long neck, the body and 2 legs running!!

  10. this has really been a long dry spell and I hope we have hit bottom and are on our way up! come on, ear wax? They’ll be posting rate-my-turd pics next!

  11. thedude…ratemypoo dot com has been around for years already. And careful about cleaning too much in the ears…you can actually end up pushing it further inside…or destroying the good ear wax that’s there.

  12. With a wad of wax that large, you could polish funiture.

  13. cheesehead, thanks for the clarification on the url and for the rest of you not familiar with this website, talk about sick zit! ha, no pun intended you oughta check it out. Better than looking at someone’s funky ear wax! (i think?)

  14. cheesehead, thanks for the correction on the url. For the rest of you, check it out if you think you want to see some really “weird” stuff!

  15. Innaffitoften says:

    rate my poo? You havehaving to got to be kidding? God, I am having to control my gag reflex just thinking about it. Seriously though, I truly hope this dry spell comes to an end soon, no offense, but this just isn’t interesting to me. ZITS and PUS! *chants Inna*

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  17. In this case – thank heavens for small wonders! Miniscule compared to the boulders in other videos.

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