Massive Pimple Puss Infection

This kid needs better light and probably needs to see a doctor but there is pus to be seen! — ppm

14 Comments on “Massive Pimple Puss Infection

  1. Look in the first couple of seconds of the vid. He has something even bigger on the other side of his arm.

    I like this. Lot’s of pus.

  2. Dude,

    Get yourself over to student health, and get some keflex!!

  3. Yeah I thought I saw another big puss bag on the other side of his arm too. Maybe part 2 is in the making…

  4. Have to hand it to him…those on the arm like that really hurt when you squeeze them. Nice vid.

  5. Hey Guy, get that crap outta my face! ooo green drainage, looks painful! yep along with the other, he needs a round of atb. and maybe a rocephin shot to get things started.

  6. magna-cum-pus says:

    PPM, a double header but the network only showed one!

    That kid might be in trouble.

  7. i hope there is a better cameraman for part II if there is one. Generally, I thought the v sucked

  8. looks like an inexperienced iv user

  9. I give the kid an A for trying to film & pop that at the same time.

  10. Kat, I didn’t want to say it, you did.. I agree with you. working in the county clinics I seen alot of “spider bites” in that general location. Usually leaves bad abscesses, that likely return.

  11. Way to lift your arm or otherwise obscure the shot every time pus came out. Great pus. Wish I could have seen it come out.

  12. There was alot more pus and blood that needed to come out…he was squeezing it pretty hard, just didn’t film it long enough…come on ppl get all the pus on video for us pus lovers to see. i don’t really care to see the pus on the tissue after it has been wiped off, I do like seeing it after it comes out and before wiping….sweet post …dws

  13. We should have a hotline like Geek Squad where people can call us to pop their zits!

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