Cirurgia no olho (eye surgery)

This looks like a chalazion. There is a video that shows the beginnings of this surgery but doesn’t show the pus and crud we love! It is clear although it doesn’t look it will be that way. If you want to see it better, just make the screen larger!
Hope you like it! — ppm

6 Comments on “Cirurgia no olho (eye surgery)

  1. looks like sm. amt of eye cheese to me. How uncomfortable that must be, not the surg. but having that lump touching your eye!

  2. magna-cum-pus says:

    Now PPM that was AWESOME. Like it? LUV IT! Oh yeah, that’s a chalazion and a biggie. Highly underrated, chalazions. You wanna talk about relief? The mother lode.

    Good find!

    I’m biased towards these, but here goes: 5/5 for cinema and pooky.

  3. Hey! I know that person! It’s the parrot’s owner!

  4. Hey thanks Magna! I have always liked these kind for some reason, too. I think I have one on my eyelid but it looks more like a pimple with no skin covering… all you can see it the pus. It won’t pop though. Think I’ll wait until I get to the eye doc. Yeah… I’m a wimp when it comes to my eyes!

  5. yeah, there was cheese that popped outta that bad boy.
    ppm, you had better have a working camera before making that appointment.

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