“Pus Cyst on Back Popped Squeezed Exploded”


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  1. WARNING! turn down the volume before viewing.

  2. Anyone thought that there might have been more in there? Good video though! Thanks for posting.

  3. Would it be presumptive to think another nominee for zit of the year?? I shouldn’t do it because I’ve got 3 in already….Just a suggestion because this is magnificent! Good goin Magna, what a way to start the week. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face…

  4. pimplepoppinmama says:

    WE ARE NOT WORTHY!!! magna-cum-pus you are the bomb! You find great videos and this one is really good! I do believe there was more in there, too. Too bad they didn’t film it longer. ALL HAIL KING MAGNA-CUM-PUS!!! KING OF FINDING THE GREATEST ZIT VIDEOS!

  5. wow, it never ceases to amaze me, that so many people the world over have this desire to squish zits and other nasties. i wonder if it has to do with our primitive side, when we used to groom each other as apes.

    i say, squishers of the world unite! come out of the closet and show yourselves and the world how proud you are.
    we could have a “squisher’s pride week” and have a parade with floats of giant zits and cysts spewing mashed potatoes and vanilla custard at the crowd.
    dancing dermoids, giant scalpels and clowns dressed as blackheads, making balloon pimples for the wee ones.

    oh what fun, what fun! :D

  6. What a wonderful video–thank you for the posting. Videographer’s, excellent job and super generous to tape and post. I just loved this DIY. Such a problem solved, lump underneath the skin, little incision, push, wipe away and the annoying lump is gone. Now, if one could solve the annoying problems of life in the same manner. Maybe everyone is a “squisher”! Promote this site with wonderful images like this posting–

  7. Squeezie Queen says:

    This was so gross and SO AWESOME!!! This is why I’ve been checking out this weird site for over a year. heh heh ;)

  8. great, great video. just don’t understand why the person handling the guaze pads did not have gloves on. i don’t know why people wouldn’t wear gloves for their own safety/non-grossness, not to mention the safety of the person with the cyst.

  9. comedoness says:

    Wonderful, very satisfying! Love that thick stuff!

  10. That was a good cheesy one!!!

  11. magna-cum-pus says:

    PPM / Chrisa / MotherEruption –
    You’re a hoot!

    AnalWart –
    Wit with attitude….I Liiiiiike. Your avatar sorta matches your verbal acuity. Always look for your comments, always get a big laugh.

  12. My wonderful husband has the heart of a lion. He has endured chemo that I would have NEVER consented do–no matter what, I would have not taken the treatments my husband embraced.. He is has been poked, told the worst stats and news that anyone could hear. He has endured punctures, scans, body cavity insults and vile chemicals all with a quiet, calm attitude. I love and admire him for that. (So far cancer free 6 years, 1 more year to beat his survival rate.) HOWEVER, he would never, I repeat, never let me or anyone do to him what this fellow went through. Magna-cum-pus, this is a winner. And yes, I made him watch 30 seconds of the video, he couldn’t make it through the first cut.

  13. This is Excellent MCP you have outdone yourself!!!!!!
    Wonderful find thank you !

  14. EXCELLENT!!!

  15. BigSqUeeZe says:

    … like toothpaste from a tube. Man, great find!

  16. magna-cum-pus says:

    Here I am again, watching this again for the 6th time. I am a SICK-O.

    Wow, Suzie-Q – also went thru chemo etc and I’m firmly in your husband’s camp, too (except I’m a wuss). Thinking of that knife coming to visit my skin…AARRRGGHHH. However, the guy said he didn’t hurt much. Actually, the back contains a lesser number of nerve endings. Otherwise we wouldn’t be having this much fun at the expense of other people’s pusssssssss.

  17. Swedishpusycat says:

    AAAAAH i LOVE it!! reminds me to get my hands on the bump on my bfs back… he has a bump, and from hanging out here i expect a real treat in there :P just have to talk him into letting me cut it open.. or get him really drunk.. any more ideas? :D

    wonderful post! you rock!

  18. magna-cum-pus says:

    SwedishPussycat – if your man’s growing a juicy one you’re simply going to have to demonstrate your tough Swedish heritage, show everyone how bad-arse you are and do whatever it takes to film and post.
    – tie him up
    – promise endless lovemaking
    – steak for a year
    – whatever…

    You will be my hero forever. DO IT and SQUEEZE WELL! HA HA HA!

  19. I always thought *I* was the sick one for having a pus fetish.

  20. Oh, how I love this video, it is a “sleeper” in the annuals of PTZ collection. The knife shot is great–give me a DIY any day. Oh, please let us find more of these types of video’s. I believe it is better to have pus expressed out than have toxic chemicals poured into the body. And the visual images are so much more interesting.

  21. Ahhhh……….. That was most satisfying!

    Chrisa – what a FANTASTIC idea! :)

  22. bustmybuttons says:

    I can’t see it!! It’s gone. Someone make it come back.

  23. Didn’t get to see the clip — already taken down… BUT — I am laughing SO HARD at Chrisa’s comment, I’m CRYING!!!


  24. sebaceous_zit says:

    NOoOoOoOOoOOOOOO :( I missed out man! bring it back plzzzzz emil!

  25. Ok it’s back up and edited by the user, I reposted it. It’s been up on youtube for the last 12 hrs or so….

  26. Ah yes! The simple pleasures of being a carbon-based lifeform!

  27. That a hall of famer one. Never tire of watching it. Good camera work, oodles of pus and the Aussie accents are easy on the ear. As well as the lack of screeching, slobbering hysterics you can get too often.

  28. this is great video find magna-cum-pus thank you i love the popping videos when the people have cool accents it adds a nice touch to the popping session :)

  29. That was great! That’s my favorite kind of pus, nice and thick with minimal blood.

  30. What is a good friend? One who would drain your cyst!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. pashion4popin says:

    funny how it doesnt’ bother these ladies to squeeze a cyst but the owner of it seems like he’s going to pass out! i guess not all guys are as indestructable as they’d like to be :)

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