Mango Worms In Dogs Balls

Wow this doesn’t look so good.
A reader sent this picture in with the following comment!

I live in Tanzania and this is my poor dog Tangawizi’s balls that have Mango files- a parasitic worm- growing inside! the Dog ended up have over a 100 on his body! and I had to pop them all out like zits! SO GROSS!

8 Comments on “Mango Worms In Dogs Balls

  1. sebaceousqueen says:

    Poor puppy, that looks very painful for him!

  2. CAN NOT look at that one!

  3. Swedishpusycat says:

    oh god.. poor dog.. :S makes me wonder if “popping them out like zits” is the smartest, cleanest AND most painfree way to do it… but hey, that’s me..

  4. magna-cum-pus says:


  5. jaybluejay says:

    Enough already with the worms and bot flies.

  6. blondenblue says:

    I agree with jaybluejay. I don’t mind an occasional bot fly video,but seeing the ones in the animal’s private parts makes me want to throw up. And it takes A LOT to make me sick to my stomach!

    Please make an appropriate category for these vids & leave them off the main page. Thanks.

  7. pimplepoppinmama says:

    Sorry to the reader in Tanzania, but this is just awful to even think about. That poor dog was just dinner for those flies! Ugh.. glad he got them out of the dog but think of how that poor thing felt with all those things in him. Glad my Yorkie and I don’t live there! They would chow down on all four pounds of her and leave nothing!

  8. thats a nasty. plain and simple. but you went too all the trouble to photo it, why not video the removal?
    gave me the willies, i had to check myself.

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