“Bursting Boil”

Musta hurt because you just KNOW there’s more.

19 Comments on ““Bursting Boil”

  1. jaybluejay says:

    We need to see round 2!

  2. nice squirt….I feel so cheated….where is the rest of it…

  3. Nice squirt but vid too short. If you are going to show that why not show it all?

  4. Squeezie Queen says:

    Ouch indeed! I’m starting to wish the home squeezes were cut open like the doctor visit ones. Because you KNOW there is so much more pus! ha ha!

  5. Twisted Cyster says:

    Yes little teaser this one , there must be so much more in that big lump !!
    But hey ….another nice little shooter it brought to us !!!!
    Nice find Magna

  6. comedoness says:

    Darn vid won’t play. <:-(

  7. magna-cum-pus says:

    comedoness – try YT, search on posted title and see if it works from there, hope you find it.

    Yeah, actually, today I look at it and it pretty much disappoints – too short, too loud.

  8. tease me tease me why can’t ya mash it on out and please me? Does it sound like a song? hee hee

  9. sebaceous_zit says:

    Ii get little ones like these under my pits occasionally too…very painful, take forever to heal, and never really release all thats inside, no matter how hard u squeeze, so this guy might not have gotten much more out of this boil then blood afterwards. I’m pretty sure these are caused by ingrown hairs and deodorant getting trapped in the pores

  10. sebaceous, I bet your right in many cases!

  11. that looks painful. Feel sorry for the poor guy.

  12. Sir Pick-a-lot says:

    the squeals make this one in my top 10 list…hilaric.

  13. That was really funny to hear a guy scream like a little girl..but I can understand why because you just know that had to hurt..wish we could have seen all of that baby drained…sweet post…dws

  14. yes a round two is needed it had so much greatness left inside

  15. KEWL green glop pop!

  16. I cringe everytime I see boils/cysts on armpits cause you know that has got to hurt…..great squirt

  17. I know it must HURT like crazy but the pus shooting out in volume was GREAT!!

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