Pop huge zit on mirro

Hey Emil! This credit goes to Innaffitoften! She found this video. It has been around awhile but for some reason I couldn’t find it on here! Maybe you can. Hope not. HERE FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE IS A VIDEO COURTESY OF INNAFFITOFTEN!!!! LET’S HEAR IT FOR HER! :)

9 Comments on “Pop huge zit on mirro

  1. blondenblue says:

    I wish I could have seen all the pus on the mirror shooting out! And thank God that wasn’t a hotel bathroom…wouldn’t you feel sorry for the maid that has to clean the mirror? LOL!

  2. They shoulda started the camera way earlier.

  3. clean the mirror off so you can see what you are doing.

    Shame didn’t get in on the first of it.

  4. I can’t actually see anything hit the mirror–did he get the entire bump emptied? Well, at any rate, thank you for the posting, nice of someone to make the video and post for viewing.

  5. BigSqUeeZe says:

    I don’t think that zit blew that much facial frosting on that mirror. He should have started the camera earlier to prove it.

  6. Innaffitoften says:

    Yah, I was kind of let down by it too, it’s not my video I just found it, and wanted to post. It sounded like fun, until I was too tired to navigate the posting page, so I let whomever wanted to do it have a go. I mean if I were going in to pop something like that I’d make darn sure I had a camera at the beginning! You have to admit, however, there are worse videos. At least it’s not a let down, and you have motion sickness! lol!

  7. Swedishpusycat says:

    uhm.. couldn’t see a thing.. they should have filmed it better.. for me it’s when things come out that does it, not after! it’s like squeezing something yummy secretly and only filming the whipes afterwards.. not that satisfying for me, sorry :/

  8. kmhoffman3188 says:

    is that his dad?! seriously potty mouth while filming in front of your kid. now i have no problems with expletives, i consider than sentence enhancers… but in front of your kid… its kinda wrong. and yeah … i didnt know if this was a fake or not… but u can definitely tell he popped that cyst/zit since there was a lot of loose skin afterward.

  9. i call total shenanigans. what was the point besides looking at a mess that he may have made?

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