My Dog’s Sebaceous Cyst

Now all of you animal lovers (of whom I am one) don’t despair… this is HELPING the dog and there is no yelping! It is pretty awesome actually. I so want to pop a cyst again sometime… sigh

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  1. Nice video, PPM. Now see how much more pleasant it is when you contribute new videos instead of griping about reposts?

  2. Be nice lol. Great vid! Pooch took that well!

  3. mothereruption says:

    a round of applause for the pup he/she did great! thanx ppm.

  4. Thank you PPM. For those that enjoy cysts and bumps getting drained, I am sure you enjoyed the efforts of our “fearless Cyst warrior”–however, I am so schizoid I can’t watch animals, kids or my spouse have any procedure. Now, that is a contradiction to my love of zit popping, cyst pulling, and general pus, guts and gore interest. [Even though, I did watch my adult son have minor surgery on a huge cyst–he is high-tolerant to pain.] The comments leave me to believe the animal was helped–and that is good.

  5. pussnstuff says:

    The person performing the extraction did it effortlessly & pain free. My 19+ yo cat has developed these but not to the point of being drained, yet. Thank you ppm

  6. Halph Staph says:

    When I was working with retiring racing Greyhounds, they very often came to me with bellies and chests full of blackheads, and I mean by the hundreds. It is because most kennels at the tracks use shredded new paper for the crates, and since the dogs spend 90% of their time in said crate lying down, it drives the dirty newspaper ink into their very thin skin (greys don’t produce fat like other breeds.) SO I got to spend days to weeks slowly working out all those lovely blackheads. And like this dog, they were very calm and quiet – I surmise because they know we are helping them and it feels much better when it is over. :)

    Thanks for the post. Brought back some nice memories. ~ H.S.

    1. Holy mother of zits you lucky thing! A dream job, where can I apply?

  7. Abscession says:

    Great vid, PPM!

    I love it when you think a pus pocket is done…and then it gives you just a little more.
    So satisfying.

  8. Thanks for sharing, PPM. It is easy to see that you are a tender mama to your baby doggie. No squirming at all. I would have loved to see his/her cute face. What is the breed?

  9. pimplepoppinmama says:

    luvnpus… I’m sorry to say this isn’t my dog. I just was lucky enough to find the video. Although I would be this way. My lil Yorkie has something on her back that is white and raised but it won’t pop. She had one before and I got some cheesy stuff out of it but this one is solid. She won’t let me mess with it much so it must pain her. Also VICTORIA.. notice how there haven’t been any reposts lately? I will alway comment on a repost… not gripe but comment…. sorry it’s my nature.

  10. Pustrami says:

    Nice! I don’t want to find one on my pups though! Boyfriend, yes, my sweet dogs, no… ;)

  11. Bet the pooch felt better.

  12. comedoness says:

    My retired greyhound had a small cyst behind his ear, and he let me squeeze it. It was too small to film but I got a lot of sebum out of it.

  13. That was a very good dog to sit still for a cyst squeeze. My cats hiss at me when I try to clean gunk from the corner of their eyes!

  14. What kind of dog is that? Did the actual cyst come out? If it was just emptied you can count re-popping it in a month or two. Most dogs get sebaceous cysts and they are usually really small. It’s usually quite awhile before dogs get bathed that in between the oil on their skin will clog a hair pore and a cyst will form.. I managed vet clinics for years and have done thousands of cysts of them. You’d be surprised at how long some people wait – from a little bump until it’s the size of a fist. I’m sure that dog feels better, those cysts make them uncomfortable (they don’t hurt unless they are large or in an odd place). Great video!

  15. What a lovely dog! Great vid!

  16. ahhhhhh the great sqeeze whiz squeeze great find PimplePoppinMomma smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  17. NMGAPAOH says:

    Doggie says, “Hurry up, it hoits!”

  18. Thanks so much for the post. I always want to believe the pooch feels better afterwards!

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