Home Surgery and Cyst Lancing

I don’t know what the dude was so afraid of. If someone gave me a scalpel and said “here, lance this cyst” they wouldn’t had to tell me to cut twice, deeper or ANYTHING! Camera quality is so so but they don’t miss any of the good stuff.

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19 Comments on “Home Surgery and Cyst Lancing

  1. tai mai shu says:

    “It looks like a little vagina”

  2. zitedupfetish says:

    I don’t think the length of that cut was completely necessary…….

  3. Abscession says:

    What a wasted opportunity!!!
    That was a high-level cyst there, and these morons blew it.

    The guy with the knife was both a pussy and a butcher.

    The squirt should have been shown real time at first, then slowed down in replay.

    Thanks for the post though. :)

  4. A true abomination.

  5. alicewonders says:

    It is — a tiny vagina. I think you have hit at the heart of why we are all so freaking freak fascinated with this crap: it’s like a birth in so many ways, and with birth comes relief (in body and momentarily mind also). Men and women can both ‘birth’ something in this case. It is gross, but one of psychologies leading theories. Also included in that theory: poop. We love poop for the birth-like experience… ug.

    LOL. Now you know. And knowing is half the battle…

  6. Innaffitoften says:

    JesusH.Christ! How many stitches do you think that guy needed after his “friend” aka “Jack the Ripper” had to get after he was mutilated like that? Jeez.

  7. squeezeit says:

    aaaahhhh CAMERA! I hate when the camera sucks!
    This cyst had potential!

  8. They stopped filming way too soon.

  9. Anna Nonymous says:

    Tripods are cheap. You can get one from Wal Mart for $14.95.

  10. mothereruption says:

    Alice, my mind snapped a pic of the caterpillar smoking the hookah and spouting pearls of wisdom!! Thankx, that was fun and informative. I think the dude was way too timid, didn’t get close to the infection pocket. Made an unnecessary SLICE. Be nice if next time he could have a more confident and exp. friend, thanks for the posting.

  11. Thanks for the post.

    Alice, very interesting theory….makes me think….

    Minute 2:47 was pretty sweet.

  12. Buttcheese says:

    Mack The Knife is a wimp.

  13. monstermash says:

    sometimes is really wiser to do it in an hospital…. he had a beisball size abscess in his back, that required medical help……..common sense , people, we need more common sense

  14. WhatIsZIT says:

    Zitty Footage

  15. BigSqUeeZe says:

    Looked more like a camel toe to me.

  16. As if he ever saw a vagina !!!!!

  17. Next time have a guy do it instead of your girlfriend….. All he wanted to do was talk, and cut the zit out of you without really draining the cyst.

    I agree with savruk- like he’s ever seen a vagina…. unless it was his own!

  18. Well, it was pretty obvious that the one doing the scalpel work was not

    experienced- he could have learned alot from looking at some of the

    videos posted here! I sure know much more than I did before I found

    this site! I actually think it was quite nice that he wanted to get all the

    “what if’s” out of the way before starting.

  19. The cutter hit everything except the pus, sac, etc. I would have liked to see the end

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