Exploding Boil! Absess Draining! Pus Flying!

ummmm i know its nasty but i couldnt pass it up…its a pus pop!

23 Comments on “Exploding Boil! Absess Draining! Pus Flying!

  1. I am at a loss for words on this one

  2. I liked this video–no negative comments on the dude’s size or anything like that. I don’t want his feelings hurt. We have to encourage submissions. Tell these people that took the time to video tape their experiences they are great–so comment only on technique–poster tack–next time use gloves, etc., and let’s see if we get more flying pus video’s.

  3. bunches_of_daisys says:

    I love it…i didnt hear it last night when i posted it …but at the end of the video he goes “yummy”….lol

  4. Okay, I just viewed with the sound on, puppy in background yapping, no good and at the end he says “yummy”. Yep, I am now at a loss for words as well.

  5. Nice vid…I wish it had been a little longer.

  6. Halph Staph says:

    OMG! I went back and turned up the sound too! At first I was put off by the labored breathing – I mean, you are just lifting up a bit of belly, c’mon. But when he says “yummy” I totally lost it. Cool find!

  7. I dunno about that “Yummy”. I think he’s saying “Dear me”. Truly. It’s kind of garbled because he’s breathing hard from the anticipation of pain and the pain itself, but I hear “Dear me”.

  8. miss priss says:

    I wonder how long that had been there? It looked like it had been developing underneath that fold of skin.

  9. Twisted Cyster says:

    now this gross me out,…….dont know why ??

  10. zitedupfetish says:

    K……..I have no problem with the belly flap…….I just wish he would have wiped the area clean before releasing the flap….ya know? :o

  11. no kidding…ugh…when are people going to understand that that stuff is FULL of bacteria and will infect surrounding tissue if there is so much as a large pore in the area…this stuff is often staph, a cauldron of wicked germies, shudder…I love the action, HATE the way people let it run onto their healthy skin, even practically use it like lotion or let it get smeared all over their skin..and hands…hope none of them are nail biters for God’s sake…weg

  12. squeezeit says:

    Is that a stomach?

  13. Yep some good asepsis there, and maybe a clean white cloth to keep skin off of skin until it heals. great squirting action there!!

  14. bunches_of_daisys says:

    It rubs the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose!!!!!!!

  15. magna-cum-pus says:

    Ah yes, Bunch-O-Daisys. It wipes it down with betadine. Then it scrubs it with gasoline and a wire brush.

    Finger licking good. Great post!

  16. Swedishpusycat says:

    lol bunches :D i really thought this was a girl at first.. and what’s up with the thumb tac?! looked nasty though, HUGE.. probably an ingrown hair..

  17. It’s not a thumbtack, it’s a lancet that diabetics use on their blood sugar monitors to prick their fingers.

    Yummy indeed *yack*

  18. Buttcheese says:

    Do you think that was Precious stuck in one of the folds we heard whining?

  19. bunches_of_daisys says:

    Buttcheese….thats exactly what i was thinking! …lol

  20. Gross! To bad it was not a longer vid…I like gross!

  21. considering fella’s “cleanliness” F.up F. said it !! and where it is. Bacteria loves to grow in warm moist places. I just bet, he gets alot of those..

  22. NMGAPAOH says:

    YT removed the video. From what I’ve gathered comments – the gentleman must be morbidly obese. A form of discrimination that runs rampant to mankind’s shame!

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