Another Bunny Bot Fly Removal – Twins

****WARNING**** Don’t watch if you don’t like bot fly larvae being removed from animals. Its ok not to like it. It is gross. Everyone has their limits. :)****WARNING****

Two bot fly larvae removed from house bunny. First removal the video is very shaky, but the second one is much steadier. Due to some issue with copyrighted music, this video is silent. Who needs sound, really? I think we can figure out what is going on. Oh yeah. Love them bots. (shudder)

Thank god the human bot fly larvae isn’t the size and texture of the “rodentia” bot fly larvae. These ones really give me the willys.

ENJOY! he he he
~ H.S.

22 Comments on “Another Bunny Bot Fly Removal – Twins

  1. Are you kidding me? How hard is it REALLY to hold a camera…

    1. Really, tho. I mean what is with people?? about 95% of the super good
      zit’s are completely ruined by morons who, for whatever reason, can’t hold a video camera steady. It’s NOT THAT HARD!! Man it drives me…I’m sitting here screaming at the screen. If you’re going to take the time to film the popping, please, for the love of God and all that’s holy, get someone who isn’t scared of a little pus, who isn’t 5 years old, isn’t going to run away screeching like a little girl and miss all the good stuff. It’s not a surprise what is about to happen, so if they can’t do it with a steady hand, or don’t want to do it, then get someone who can and is willing to do it properly or invest in a tripod!
      There end’s my rant…

  2. Hua? today must be a blonde day… whats with the half naked kid and then the dark? Lost me..

  3. pimplepoppinmama says:

    who do I see about getting my 5:38 minutes back? half of this thing was just music I don’t enjoy! that poor rabbit had the patience of Job. with an owner like that I couldn’t wait until he went to M.I.T.! come on H.S. … you do better than this usually!

  4. squeezeit says:

    wtf? did the person have Parkinson disease that held the camera?

  5. Innaffitoften says:

    What a snot nosed, repugnant little brat. Why in God’s name did he think ANYONE cares what his GPA, etc. is? And really? Really? The shirt thing? I sure wasn’t impressed. Good thing they took the camera away from Jordan however, I was about to hurl pain pills and Diet Pepsi across the room with all of the movement. And to tell you the truth, I never even saw a bot come out. How did they end up outside on the second one, when they had just been inside? That poor bunny, just living with those people has probably made him mentally challenged! Man bot fly videos can be so cool, but some people just shouldn’t have access to a video camera and a computer.
    Thanks anyway Halph Staph, at least you warned us about the camera work.

  6. pussnstuff says:

    Was that a commercial in the middle of the vid?

  7. C’mon PPM, don’t get on Halph’s case about the vid. Half the fun of this site is critiquing the wingnuts who tape their adventures. I say, good or bad- bring them on! Halph, you are my hero.

  8. yeah i just posted that the kid was a brat and the cam work sucked, LOL! people act like such morons when a cam gets turned on. they are perfect marks for borat/bruno

  9. comedoness says:

    Can I slap this cameraman, too?

  10. magna-cum-pus says:

    Between the bad filming and oversized raincoat gloves they should have just provided 2 pictures/bot: one before and one after.

    Halph, I agree, those dark bots are NASTY.

  11. magna-cum-pus says:

    RE the MIT thing – maybe he was trying to be “funny” ie it takes a degree from MIT to pop a bot O ha ha… I dunno.

  12. Plain Jane says:

    I appreciate all the work it takes to post new pictures and it is not the poster’s fault if the subject matter doesn’t blow your dress up. I know because I did a lot of work to find what videos I did find, just so I could be a contributor and not parasitic. I was railed upon because I had two reposts, both of which were necessary for continuity purposes. So, my thank yous to contributors, reposts or not. Your dilligence and enthusiasm make this site work and be a fun place to unwind.

    As for me, my obligation to be flamed and posted is now over.

  13. Swedishpusycat says:

    haha comedoness- im with u on the slapping!

    the only thing funny about this vid was the rabbits face, like o_O hahaha.. “wtf!?” :D i really don’t like rabbits.. don’t know why.. but i dislike ugly kids even more..

  14. sarahchickeboc0613 says:

    squezeit are you serious? you and zitedup should go bowling together!! you’re both ridicolous!

  15. Your point? Stupid is as stupid does.

  16. Just Poke It says:

    the blair-bunny video if you watch it you will puke! not because it is gross but from motion sickness…. YIKES!!!! couldn’t even watch it all….

  17. Was the camera person having seizures? Didn’t watch but a few minutes…video like this makes me suicidal.

  18. who is working this camera, I am dizzy.

  19. Excuse me…… the camera person having a seizure? What the hell – there’s a hole on a bunny and a big maggots is going to come out – I could have held that camera more still balancing it on my head. Ugh. There’s 5 plus some minutes I’ll never get back. Thanks. Note to self – put this on the NEVER WATCH AGAIN list.

    1. fluffy_01 says:

      Agreed. *sacks head under pillow to possibly soothe aching head*

  20. Try a new profession camera person. My head hurts!

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