A Whole New Type Of Flesh Worm… The MANGO Fly Larvae!


If you do not like Bot Fly videos, or anything involving maggots, larvae or any other type of parasite, please do not watch this video! Remember, you have a choice!

This is a story of a group of freshly washed, sweet looking, wide eyed little girls going on a mission in Africa. Their reward? Mango Fly larvae infestations! The buggers are small, but it seems they are as painful as heck, given the girls screaming and crying. I don’t think any one of them would survive the Tumbu Fly, who can infest a person with over 90 bites with multiple larvae in each.

And we thought Bots were bad….


~ H.S.

19 Comments on “A Whole New Type Of Flesh Worm… The MANGO Fly Larvae!

  1. ok, i have nicknamed this one:
    “The Blair Zit-Worm Project!”
    Seriously now!

  2. zitedupfetish says:

    Praise Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!lol

  3. That’s what you get for going to Uganda…. On a Mission…

  4. softserve says:

    the person trying to pop those out is a ziting moron. i want my 9 minutes back!

  5. magna-cum-pus says:

    I think I’ll leave the 3rd world to missionaries and stay right here in good ‘ol Texas. I kin handle rednecks, rattlers and tarantoolas but not dem worms.

  6. magna-cum-pus says:

    HALPH STAPH, this is your fault. I couldn’t resist your reference to the TUMBU FLY. EEAAAAUUUU

    WARNING WARNING — Not for botflyphobics — WARNING WARNING

    Scroll 3/4 down to section entitled “Supplemental References” , open file below it. Thought it was too yucky to present on main page of PTZ site.


  7. thedude814 says:

    slap that silly zit who keeps wiping preventing us from seeing the worms come out! ahh!! wtf!

  8. M.cum P. you crack me up, tarantoolas? LOL. Those poor kids, my heart goes out to them. I have a daughter that age and I know Jazz would be crying MOMMY! Makes me want to cry! I think the kids should be given the option to go back home and go to a doctor

  9. That was fantastic! They were’nt crying from pain but distress, I would too at that age. You go girls, can’t wait to check out that site on Tumbu flies!

  10. Saw the tumbu fly video, not appropriate for here, shows nipples, but you have got to check it out. Thanks magna-cum-pus for the link!

  11. These girls are in their early/mid-teens, plenty old enough to stop with the theatrics. How incredible annoying.

  12. I always read the comments before viewing the videos. Made it sound like these were little kids and being kept in a “foreign country” against their will. They are Oral Roberts University students. College-aged. Poor babies, my ass. Serves them right for going on a “mission” to save those dark-skinned “heathens” souls. Why didn’t they just pray over the larvae instead of popping them out? It would have been a MIRACLE OF HEALING! Praise Jeeeeeesus!

    Wow, I feel better for getting that out.

    catmom (recovering Evangelical Christian, now a wise atheist)

  13. Y’know, you could take a transcript of this video, and with only a little editing, get a script for a porn film.

  14. How awful! Those poor girls, I can’t even imagine going through that. Ick!

  15. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    So girls, how were the Ugandan beaches?

  16. Katie Hernandez says:

    :( I couldn’t imagine having worms in my body. Hope they got them all out.

  17. Hyper grabber! Those girls just need to relax, and great video though.

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