8 min. of the best zit clips ever……..

48 Comments on “8 min. of the best zit clips ever……..

  1. Pustrami says:

    Love the intermittent bot-fly infusion and the enthusiastic moans and cheers as one vid folds into the next. First half was great; bam bam bam!

  2. Halph Staph says:

    I love it! Had just seen it in some Google search, but I didn’t finish it. I figured it show up here pretty durn quick! It’s like money shot after money shot… a great fast intro for beginner pus-heads! Newbies should be made to watch this first! lol

    Thanks for the submit! Way cool!

  3. Man, those were some great moments of zit-popping glory. Nice one!

  4. sebaceous_zit says:

    All the good stuff!!! totally satisfying!!! 10 stars!!

  5. luvcheese says:

    Absolutely Amazing!! Whenever there is a dryspell I can watch this and be satisfied, thank you!

  6. ahhhhhh….. relief lol

  7. zitlover says:

    Beautiful. And I must be more hardcore than I thought, because I easily recognized 3/4 of these pops and probably more.

  8. Great compilation. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  9. misslita143 says:

    this was one of the best things i have seen in a while!! i specially loved the eureka clips!! one of my fave vids of all times!!!! forget 2! 100 thumbs up!!!

  10. tai mai shu says:


  11. This is AWESOME to say the least. It must have took someone a long time to find the clips, sort out the money shots, and edit them together. Just awesome!!!!

  12. comedoness says:

    Ahhhhhhhh……. contented sigh. Sheer bliss… I may have to watch it another 12 times.

  13. mothereruption says:

    I am snuggled down with a warm blanket and a good book. You know that kinda contentment on a cold rainy night? Thats where this vid tales me!! I love it…

  14. I love this “video porn”. Thank you for the posting. Thank to the videographer. This is an excellent post and I will view this many times.

  15. Wow. We now have a “greatest hits” album. ☺

  16. Buttcheese says:

    Beauteous Maximus!

  17. Buttcheese says:

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  18. pimplepoppinmama says:

    lol cheese… now I know how you got your name! lol

  19. EstheticianKitten says:

    Do forgive me, but at 2:42 WTF is that guy pulling out from his wrist?? It looks like a dead leech….or vanilla bean *lol* SOMETHING….any ideas??

  20. where did it go? invalid parameters? huh?

  21. magna-cum-pus says:

    EstheticianKitten – it’s a splinter

  22. magna-cum-pus says:

    Decided to come out of the closet and get a userID.

    Sooooo much delicious, succulent spoo per minute can spoil a cheezehead forever. MORE MORE MORE

  23. Ahhhh……… I now feel total fullfillment and I am at peace with everything.



  24. Halph Staph says:

    Hey – welcome out of anonymity, magna-cum-pus. Nice screen name! A touch on the kinky side, but my brain lurks in the gutter once in awhile. lol
    Looks like everyone is catching posting fever, so your wish of MORE MORE MORE will most likely be granted!

    Again – Welcome!

  25. magna-cum-pus says:

    Hay Halph – Thanks, man.

    Uh oh – I wasn’t thinking along a”kinky” line, honestly! My intent was to allude to having a magna-cum-laude GPA in watching people pop (not quite a summa-cum-laude) HA! LOL!! You are hilarious, HS, as are many others frequenting this site, which is the main reason I came out of the pus closet.

    And, since I outted myself, I cannot lie: I am on the twisted slightly kinked side…so DIRECT HIT Halph. But I will keep any posts clean. Well, not vile. I mean, gross… I mean… oh,never mind MOOOOOOOO HOOO HOOOO HOOO HOO HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAA

  26. evilmummyofdoom says:

    Words fail me as to the beauty of this vid. Just the thing to keep my pus addiction satisfied.

  27. sickpuppy says:


  28. such an awesome, great and fabulous vid. I deeply appreciate the time and effort It had to take you.I will watch this faithfully as one of my favs. Only one thing, It really seemed to me you LOVED the SCREAMING!! It deserves oooohs and ahhhhas and far outs and omg and all the exclaimmatory gestures and sounds a human can make to propelle a vid to greatness but damn all that screaming

  29. hey EstheticianKitten thats a wooden sliver he is pulling from his wrist.
    thats a real wopper isnt it?

  30. It’s a splinter!
    I have the vid posted on youtube under “splinter’ because alot of people ask if that is a real hand or fake!

  31. I put this video together a few months ago but only posted it a month ago
    I can’t believe how popular it is!!
    I’ll make another soon…..
    Thanks for all the thanks!!!

  32. Obviously a religious moment for everybody…I heard My God in almost every vid and even Holy Moly. Thank you for putting together a Holy Grail for the Popperazzi.

  33. Where have you gone dear jodi, dear jodi…..Where have you gone dear jodi, my friend?

  34. You obvious adhere to my line of thinking, “It’s all about the pop!”

  35. 8 minutes well spend.

    Thanks for getting my life feel a bit better now.

  36. unclelarry says:

    How did this little jewel get past me? Superb presentation.

  37. Wow, straight to faves. Whew that sure was satisfying!

  38. pestilenceshmestilence says:

    I wanna know where all the footage for the big apple-sized zit is. that looked like eight minutes of quality gore all by itself.

    1. If you mean the one on the face at 5:43 – Lordy I’d love to see that whole thing too – it has its own zip code!

  39. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    The only problem with “8 min. of the best zit clips ever……..” is that it isn’t 16 min. of the best zit clips ever……..

  40. Splatter Man says:

    No way that lasted 8 minutes. It felt more like 2 minutes, tops. Time flies when you’re having fun.

  41. NMGAPAOH says:

    It’s like commercial free TV!! Wonderful highlights!!!

  42. This is a wonderful compilation, jodi-40! Now that I have been a PTZ member for more than 3 months, I can enjoy this group of hits even more, because I can remember the original videos! It’s a feeling of pride people outside of PTZ might not appreciate!!

  43. Joan and Melissa may be outside on the red carpet critiqueing (sp??) everyone’s clothing, but the real drama is going on inside the theatre (of the absurd)…….”And the winner for zit compilation category is – hand me the envelope please – is,,,,8 minutes of the best zip clips ever…..” Of course all women invited to the afterpartys must wear backless dresses and all men must be shirtless because we don’t look at each other’s faces, we scrutinize backs. necks and arms – and whatever else may be visible. I think it is time for me to take a break from watching these videos for a little while. I am cracking up.

  44. Love this video. Lost of nice gooey pus.

  45. The perfection of this compilation nearly made me cry. Bravo, one thousand times bravo. The pus gods smile upon us today. :’)

  46. AMAZING!!! The one near the end when he pops it and a “thud” comes next and the mirror is coated in slick pus – WOW!

    BUT the one where the big bot larvae is removed the yellow stuff is it maggots?!?!

    1. I think that the yellow stuff looks more like drainage from those botfly-holes! Yuck!

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