Now he can smell his own farts again!

I’ve been a huge fan of this site since discovering at least 6 months ago. While you have great content I also like browsing other YouTube vids after the original one expires. The thing that we all love is the massive release of pressure and something that doesn’t belong inside of us.

With that intro I give you this beauty. It is not a zit, but the sheer size and location of the nastiness is to be admired. Please post this under surgical procedures or simply WTF!!! Here’s the link…the procedure gets going about 2:30 minutes in and the money shot at 4 minutes.

“Inverting Papilloma” Uploaded to YT by hawkemd on Jan 19, 2008

50 Comments on “Now he can smell his own farts again!

  1. OMG that is crazy!! You have to hand in till the 4 minute mark. Holy crap!!!!!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Holy crap is right!! I’ve never seen anything that big come out of someones nose like that before!! I wonder how long that blob was growing in there?? Excellent post pusamongus!! Thank you!!

  2. oh my! i was NOT expecting that!

  3. bunches_of_daisys says:

    Thank you for the post, that was amazing! So made my morning!
    Seeing that come out i was thinking that man must have a Huge Nose…lol

  4. Smell his own farts?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? This guy ought to train as a drug-sniffing dog at the airport after having all that crap removed from his sinus!

  5. squeezeit says:

    I have seen this one before and it is amazing… You have to see something like that when someone has a sinus infection… Then all of the snot if full of pus! When they pulled the polyp out of the dudes nose it looked like he giving birth to an alien. I like it.

  6. That thing just kept going!

  7. CHRIST!! This was extremely impressive to say the least, good god, what a relief, wish he’s been post-interviewed.

    LOVE your intro… indeed, “…massive release of pressure of something that doesn’t belong inside of us” is what floats this boat.

  8. This is a great find. Loved it!!!

  9. I also happened upon this one on YouTube, and added it to my favorites there. You have no idea how big the thing is until they pull it from his nose. Awesome!

  10. Abscession says:

    FANTASTIC! I watched the whole thing and it was all very interesting.

    That “Diego” cutting tool is the bees knees.
    Thanks for the post.

    1. Cyster Sebum says:

      I thought the same thing. I wonder if ‘Diego’ is a pet name that the doctor gave it or some kind of acronym. Regardless, I wish every sinus doctor would use one of these: “It cuts, it sucks, it removes obscenely large growths from the nose!”

      1. 3cysterscafe says:

        Hahaha! It dices, it slices, it cuts & sucks, trims & chops in pieces and chunks! Gotta love it!!

  11. BigSqUeeZe says:

    This video had it all .. alien creature removed from nosecave. Then the river of sucking snot. It brought tears to my eyes when I thought about removing the packing a few days later.

  12. softserve says:

    jesus christ

  13. softserve says:

    that’s great—thanks a bunch!

  14. pimplepoppinmama says:

    This doc is my hero. I have subscribed to his channel on YouTube. He seems to film and explain his videos so everyone can understand what he is doing! And Big? A lot of the packing that they use now just breaks down in the nose and is absorbed or blown out. After my nose surgery they just pulled out a flexible plastic splint. I was so relieved! Check out this doc on YouTube. He has a lot of pus and snot in his vids as well as polyps that the Diego chews away!

  15. I too saw this before on youtube but it was most certainly awesome the second time around…. Now I had an enlarged turbanate (*cough….nose job…..cough*) when I was about 16 but they packed my nose and I since I had such extensive work done inside my actual nose they couldn’t remove the packing until a week later…when I was fully awake and aware….and there was absolutely NOTHING relieving about any of it. For one you literally feel like your brains are being pulled out from your nose….and you have no idea how much packing can fit up there….. add into it that it’s mostly dried blood that has now dried to the packing…and once it’s out, there’s no big ‘AHHHHHH’ moment when all of a sudden you can breathe. Which doesn’t make sense after you see what comes out of there in the packing but take my word on it…..I mean if there was even a little relief then I could see…but sadly…none :( I love all things puss/popping etc (not something I admit to most people of course) but seeing packing being removed does nothing for me which sucks because I’m sure had I never been through it I too would find it awesome :)

  16. Why did I think sushi?

    ~grins – the imp of the family

  17. Sir Squeeze-a-Lot says:


    Oh GAWD can you guys believe the NASTEEE ZIT that our bodies can generate, harbor, fester, and PRODUCE!?!? YACK, CHOKE, CRINGE BLECCCHHH!

    On the more mature side, the whole procedure was fascinating to watch, and really educational….isn’t it equally amazing that we can watch such invasive, detailed & serious procedures such as this? Today’s surgical/image technology with its crystal clarity and bright light is astounding….agreed? Oh, and ONE more thing……THANK YOU GOD that that wasn’t ME!!! (Skin crawling as I type this all over!)

  18. poopsyannie says:

    That was so Gnarly! I mean yuck really!

  19. pussnstuff says:

    Absolutely LOVE medical procedures. This one has it all!!

  20. Thanks for the commentary…I read comments before choosing to watch, and this is one vid I’ll skip…I’m already shivering!

  21. PoppaPimple says:

    Oh. My. Gawd! It’s like a car accident… you just keep watching it no matter how disgusting it could be. I likey very muchy!!


    Thanks for posting!

  22. my god, how much can the sinus’s hold?
    the chunk they removed was huge, but the amount of stuff they drained
    looked to be almost a liter.

  23. unclelarry says:

    I thought his brains were being pulled out of his head. Wow! Another jaw dropping moment on PTZ. Fascinating stuff. :)

  24. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    As I’ve always said.. It’s snot the best video I’ve ever seen, but it’s right up there…..

  25. One of my fave vid ever.Even tho I’ve watched it time and time again,I’m always very much interested in it!

  26. I Love the real-time of the operator (sound), it adds a lot more realism. That and the fact he removed a brain from this guys brain.

  27. So I watched this for probably the tenth time or so, and for the first time, it just ALL MADE SENSE. I am so smart.

  28. like he is pulling the brains out yo head

  29. okay I know it’s 2011 soon to be 2012 ,but this video is still my favorite

  30. I hate papillomas (I tend to hold grudges) and warts in generally and they aren’t fun clinically but this was fun -

  31. Simply unbelievable. The rivers of snot and pus. The cutting. The sucking. Then, after minute 4, one things he’s gonna pull out the whole brain, like in a mummification in ancient Egypt, and I’m sure the embalmers back then would have paid real money to have such an advanced tool to suck the brain cavity empty.

    The only thing missing, as usual, is a jar with all the stuff he got out of the nose, conserved in alcohol. Maybe the surgeon fed his dog or his cat with it, who knows? ;)

  32. yankeedoodlepus says:

    I think the saying “its right under your nose should” be changed to” it could be up your nose!”

    I still cannot belive the size of that…..thing.

  33. Holy Crap! That was the mother of all polyps!

  34. Uncle Carbuncle says:

    Holy cow! That guy had to feel so much better after having that polyp removed and all that snot sucked out of his nose.

  35. pimple poppin princess says:

    what in God’s green earth was that? awesome!

  36. woah…i have seen some stuff in my time, but woah o_O

  37. Oh. My. God. but what a cool tool!

  38. phillip jackson says:

    ill bet his head reduced by two sizes.

  39. wanderingpopper says:

    The alternate way to perform a frontal lobotomy; pull it out through the nose. Seriously, that was pretty cross (cool + gross = cross) “Do you have any bigger suction” Sure doc, use my vacuum cleaner.

  40. a dustbuster at work,wonderful work! haven’t seen one in ages,love the mucus in the ever flowing manner:)

  41. jomercer says:

    I just love that little roto-rooter tool!

  42. phillip jackson says:

    i thought he was giving live birth.

  43. Big Bad B! says:

    Another really good polyp removal video.

  44. So much junk in that nose! I bet the patient felt a million times better after the procedure.

  45. i think this doctor doesn’t know what his doing ! >”<

  46. WOW!!! I know this post is nearly 5 years old now but I’d never seen it before! Best ENT post ever! Love the doc, the entire procedure & Diego, the doc’s little helper. Now I’ve picked my jaw up off the the floor, I can say thank you Pusamongas-that was a brilliant post :)

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