Looks like an armpit boil

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  1. Abscession says:

    What a teasing outrage!

  2. squeezeit says:

    cut it cut it cut it!!!!!

  3. This looks like it should have been the post prior to the one you posted first. This is it before it was drained. Without any action, this is pretty boring though.

  4. She looked as though posing for some boil fetish site…

  5. why did they not give this poor girl more anestic I mean places like this are poof on surgery and this stuff too.

  6. This girl posted 2 more vids of it being opened on youtube. They’re worth checking out….but not the greatest ever.

  7. lol….
    “boil fetish site”
    isn’t that us weirdos? lol

  8. Why is she not popping that thing, OMG let me do it!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!????????

  9. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    A lot of yak yak yak for a little action………

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      OOPS… I thought I was commenting on a different post…………………

      ….never mind…..

  10. Video deleted – would have LOVED to watch it pop – you KNOW it was at least half a cup of pus. The other one I wonder about is the gentleman with the GARGANTUAN blackhead on the back of his neck the size of a softball. I just think “what in the world happened when it popped? Were people injured when it burst? Did they need a shop vac to suck out all of the pus?”

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