Infected sebaceous cyst on back

Infected sebaceous cyst on back

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  1. Nice vid but they could have filmed a bit longer. That dr. seemed a little knife happy to me.

  2. That scalpel action was too much for me. I agree, too, they needed to film for longer

  3. misslita143 says:

    most def spooky! a little too much knife, not enoughsqueezing! but a nice burst of pus in the beginning and i loved the squirt of blood and the clear liquid at the end! a good video all in all. <3

  4. oh, man. i picked this out at random to watch… and nearly jumped out of my chair when the scalpel sank in… it’s one thing for someone to be assertive with their knife work, but my impression was that the scalpel-holder just sank it in to the hilt, almost by surprise at the sudden “give.” ewwww. well, whatever, at least i am awake now!

  5. This women doesn’t know what she is doing!! Move over and I will show you how it’s done!! Come on!!!

  6. Well I think that it had potential to be a really good video, but it was just too short and before the Dr, syringed the pock out, well it would have been nice to see a few squeezes and a lot more pus!!

  7. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    More pus please………………………….

  8. would of been better if it was filmed closer……………

  9. is it just me or did it seem the knife was dull or his skin was really tough???

  10. Splatter Man says:

    The doctor would be better suited slicing roast beef.

  11. Where’s the filler!! Still decent.

  12. thank you for the post sebaceousqueen i felt like i was watching a chucky movie or psycho lol damn doc went deep with that knife

  13. very knife happy!


  15. pashion4popin says:

    very anti-climatic – but nice lil river despite the lack of extras. always get a kick out of giggles and a commentary that is fun but not annoying :)

  16. pashion4popin says:

    great start – feels like it’s missing something tho! lack of pus maybe>? oh well, at least we got to see something.

  17. Mama Cheese Fiend says:


  18. I can’t believe how big that incision was. Knife happy indeed!

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