Bloody, Nasty, Armpit Boil

I like how he makes it ooze without using his hands, or anyone elses help for that matter!


*Btw did a search to see if this already existed here, and apparently it doesn’t!*

8 Comments on “Bloody, Nasty, Armpit Boil

  1. Dang, he needs some surgery to clear that nastiness out. I bet that hurts like a b****.

  2. Jeez, man, cut that putrefaction out instead of giving it a hug every few days. That’s not the first shirt you’ve ruined with that poisonous duck egg under your arm.

  3. squeezeit says:

    Let me get my scalpel on this thing…

  4. BigSqUeeZe says:

    I wanted him to pump his elbow, like he was doing pit-farts, and see how far that baby would squirt.

  5. Just squeeze it!!!!!!!!

  6. All In Good Fun says:

    Why is it that everyone who has these armpit boils will say, ” I’m ruining a good shirt over this”, while the pus and gore is sliding down? Duh…….. maybe you should take your wife beaters off and then you wouldn’t have to worry about ruining your ghetto fabulous clothing! I agree with Spooky also, just squeeze it! That’s another thing all the arm pit boil people have in common, they just squish their arm on it and let it ooze. All that being said, I LOVE WATCHING THE ARMPIT BOILS! Thank you very much for that video EstheticianKitten!

  7. J_Ramone says:

    What’s with the Zombie flesh in front of it? Get some Cocoa Butter on there man


  8. I don’t know how he stood it for so long…interesting as it is,that is friggin dedication right there…LOL
    youtube has a follow up where he’s had surgery and is having it unpacked and repacked….yawn….this one is way better but still, my god people….gloves are like 20 cents a pair!!!!!!!!!! ew. lol

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