Zits, Boils, and Cysts – Top 10 Countdown

Ha this is a great countdown. I thought it was on the site but I guess it’s not. Gotta love it. I think you will all enjoy this!

17 Comments on “Zits, Boils, and Cysts – Top 10 Countdown

  1. A tribute! Great choices, nice edits.

  2. EstheticianKitten says:

    Omg, I was in heaven watching those! :) I remember watching the butt cyst one on LiveLeak a year or so ago…it was great! So MUCH cheese! :D

  3. squeezeit says:

    Hey I have never seen number 6 (the one with the Metallica music)… and I thought I’ve seen it all.
    Awesome job on the whole video!!!

  4. rosered93 says:

    yeah i hoped you all would like it. this was my very first post ever on the internet.

  5. Great vid…wish we had more like this one.

  6. BigSqUeeZe says:

    .. a must for every newbie!

  7. Twisted Cyster says:

    Yeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh, Awesome vid. the one I love Before breakFast, I looooove the ArmPop, First a bit stucked and then………… Gunk floats to Freedom !!!! Btw never saw that Arm Pop. The rest Ive seen before.

  8. DeannaBanana says:

    Woooooahhh LOL
    Arm pit one I think was the sickest.

  9. Great video! Thanks for making this! It should be a must for everyone new to the site…Stomach test

  10. A couple of these I’d never seen before. Nice work.

  11. alicewonders says:

    Thanks for the compilation — I couldn’t guess what 1 was going to be so that was fun, and a good choice. I mean, that kid was just totally unprepared for that zit! No clue that all that pus was about to spill forth from him… OR he was a GREAT actor… Maybe…

    Anyway, it was great — almost all on my Fav’s list as well. Thanks again!!

  12. staphmember says:

    Love the super slo-mo

  13. That was great! There was actually a couple in there I had never seen before, 5 stars!

  14. phillip jackson says:

    now thats quality entertainment.

  15. NMGAPAOH says:


  16. Loved every second of it-#6 reminds me of slugs!

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