HUGE Ear Wax!

OK so its not a zit, but there were no other videos up for review so why not.
I actually watched this about 5 times. There is just something about it. What a relief it must have been to get that out!

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  1. Thanks for posting, but I have seen this a long time ago.

  2. oh my freaking gawd!! Thats incredible! ewww….

  3. EstheticianKitten says:

    Oh wow…….that’s just gruesome! I wonder if they played with it after it was removed? :p

  4. OMG! how could anyone let their ears get that bad? thats just disgusting and filthy. i realize that some earwax is beneficial to protecting the ears from particles and stuff, but that was just eeewwwww!

    personally i can’t stand the feel of anything in my ears and clean them, probably way too much.
    my doc even said my ears were too clean, but i just hate the greasy feeling of wax in there. so i use cotton swabs dipped in peroxide or rubbing alcohol to clean them every so often. i always swab them out after a shower and make sure the insides are dry and no moisture gets stuck in there.

    be nice to see some more really good zit, cyst, boil vids. circulating again. most are repeats lately or really bad camera work.

    my son’s back has had a few good sized zits, but nothing really worth posting…yet. ;)

  5. awesome!! I am a lot like the previous poster with cleaning my ears too much.

  6. What does this have to do with zits, abscesses, cysts or puss?

  7. BigSqUeeZe says:

    From someone who had his ears probed and suctioned recently, I like this one. Bet the sounds were awesome ! !

  8. mitchstokes225 says:

    My kid had a nasty ear infection that resulted in her getting a fungus infection, needless to say we pulled some big black nasty chunks out of her ear about that size.

  9. Bet his hearing improved greatly.

  10. to Who cares: grow up and learn adult words.

  11. I remember seeing stuff like this at a clinic where I was an intern. It was always really cool to see the big clump of wax come out!

  12. who cares:

    I was thinking the same thing…..just didn’t say it.

    I like the vid by the way… feels related to this site :)

  13. snapcracklepop says:

    I loved this one! The last part reminded me of that scene in Raiders of the Lost Arc when Indiana Jones was running and the huge boulder was rolling up behind him.

    I don’t like reposts but I don’t care whether something is old or not. If it isn’t on the site, then it’s good to have it here.

    I bet the person in this video can hear a lot better now!

  14. Was a jar present? I would put that zit in a trophy case!

  15. TwistedAdelaide says:

    I’m okay with other body goo. Thank GOD for Q-Tips…

  16. That was good. ♥

  17. Not much but everything to do with gross. And if you think about it…pretty much what this site is about.

  18. omgnasty says:

    JESUS CHRIST that is soooooo nasty. I can’t believe there was more after the first part. EWWWW. I have had to get my ears suctioned before but I can tell you there was not any type of monstrosity like that in there.

  19. ill bet that hurt
    i know when mine had to be pulled out it hurt like hell
    the pain wasnt to be believed

  20. warm normal saline flush would make extraction much easier and less painful , but nothing to look at!

  21. I bet he stalked up on a life supply of q-tips after his mini operation was done.

  22. i wonder what would have happened if he pinched his nose and closed his mouth and blew? would that have done anything? just curious?

    this really wants to make me get my ears candled.

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