Crazy Boil Explosion

I thought this was on here? Can’t seem to find it so enjoy!!! Crazy explosion!!

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  1. BigSqUeeZe says:

    Mt. OlymPUS !

  2. I flinched when it exploded!

  3. Repost from February.

  4. here_kitty says:

    Why do y’all think the blood is so BLACK? Looks worse than usual imho. Yucky–thanks for posting!

    1. pillpusher says:

      The blood is black because it’s oxygen has been depleted.

  5. verscharren says:

    that was…..AWESOME!

  6. Twisted Cyster says:

    Woowww !!! and the Doc didnt even squeeze that hard, what a Fountain. Makes me a bit wonderin, how the rest flaoted out, the Vid stopped tooo soon

    This video is everything I could ever want in bodily excretions!
    I only wish there were additional complete footage…

    Second fave: “Eureka!!!”

  8. bunches_of_daisys says:

    Oh what a grand weekend i will have now!!

  9. Fantastic! I wish we could see more! However, I am very glad not to be there!

  10. The dark blood is blood that has partially clotted or is clotted. It comes out in chunks. It’s also been mixed with the infection. Most of the time, the medical personnel doing the expression of infection (the popping) will set up a sterile field and pop in a controlled environment. What made this one so intriguing was the way it surprised the doc/nurse who’s in the footage. There was staph infection blown everywhere. Think in terms of the way a volcano blows. No wonder medical fascilities are the #1 place to get a staph infection in the first place. And in this video, who knows how many people will get the joy that small belly blowing offered.

    lil z the cynic (its too early!)

  11. OMG…rupture rapture!! Life is gooooooooooood.

  12. Yuck! Chunks of black blood clots flying apparently don’t float my boat.

  13. miss priss says:

    lil z: Amen to that! I have been in the hospital all weekend with my mom (who is recovering from surgery) and I tell you what; I was afraid to scratch anything on my body for fear of contracting staph. Hospitals are rampant with staph. My mom was given an anti-staph injection two hours after her surgery so that she would avoid infection. It’s some serious stuff, and there is no telling just how far blood flew when nursey popped that boil.

  14. StarsAndStraps4E says:

    So That Was pretty much…….Awesome…What a skeet skeeter that was

  15. This video is awesome–wish it was longer!

  16. you need to just lance the thing Mr….why torture that poor guy like that? if you can’t aspirate the first time, you don’t try again, you lance it. let it drain…adding pressure to an already festering wound? NO NO NO. you flush it AFTER its been expressed. this is insane I feel so bad for the victim here, good intentions or not, there is a decided absence of common sense here…yikes.

  17. mothereruption says:

    look out for flying black blood clots!!Testimony to our nations hospitals,and how clean they must be. Who out there is old enough to remember Carol Burnett skit about the old lady housekeeper? That flashed across my mind when i seen the chunks fly.

  18. sebaceous_zit says:

    this actually made me scream out loud and flinch! hahah so good tho!

  19. poetry in motion

  20. First of all, I think this is a chick… second, what are you talking about- aspirate??? All I saw was lidocaine (numbing medicine)being injected?? Another armchair medical expert who knows zero…..

  21. sorry, post #20 was directed to mothereruption….

  22. This is a classic that I watch over & over. Bravo. Love it.

  23. chappiejen says:

    Every time I watch this video I have the same reaction… =O

  24. sw0147207 says:

    love the plug!!!!!

  25. and that ladies & gentlemen is why you should wear a face shield!!! lol or at least a mask and eye protection!
    imagine if that does have MRSA or staph in it, would you want it in your eye??

    too bad there wasn’t a little microphone up close to capture the crunchy sound that you sometimes get.

  26. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I generally don’t like this type of “music”, but this had some great production value and made a 5 second video seem a lot more worthwhile and it synced well to the music. Good Job!

  27. In the utube video, the doctor makes the second incision at the back end of the boil/cyst/infection – dorctor tells the patient, “Oh there’s the abscess” The doctor was surprised and startled as the camera person filming it. Kewl spewing of old pus and blood.

  28. My comment isnt as smart sounding..
    But LMAO i loved this. The explosion , the awesome editing of the vid. Lol
    Amazing :)

  29. princesspustule says:

    No matter how many times I see this video I never get tired of it. It is one of my favorites. That is some bad looking stuff in there. I wonder, is this from a spider bite?

  30. pashion4popin says:

    wowzers, my dream popped true! ….yuckers but how satisfying!

  31. Emilbus, is it my crazy laptop, or was this one splurtage repeated for over 3 minutes? It was great stuff!!!

  32. austinclaire says:

    That looked so painful..that was quite a payload though!

  33. Dang needs flash and cant watch on me ol’ iPad…but my fave on YouTube

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