Huge Pus Explosion on Abdomen

6 Comments on “Huge Pus Explosion on Abdomen

  1. That was awesome!!!! Blood and pus everywhere!!! Excellent!!!

  2. Wheeee! That blood seemed SO dark! Pus spray sure is more gratifying (to me) than a blood spray like that, and I know it isn’t, but nice white pus seems cleaner than blood! Still wouldn’t want to drink a glass of either one! …gag…

  3. Awesome pop- that was full of blood and pus.

  4. that must hurt so much

  5. misslita143 says:

    omg i love this video so much! i keep replaying it! this is one of my all time fave vids! wish it was longer tho! :D

  6. Bummer, it isn’t up anymore :(

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