Fountain of Youth Found in Trailer Park!

Ah this is fantastic. I love seeing the stringyness on the fingers!! Great find!!

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  1. I love seeing those squirts!! fantastic find!!! bravo!!

  2. Man, oh, man!

  3. zitedupfetish says:

    Good one rossie!!! Yack! lol

  4. For some reason I’m grossed out by this one because it’s a senior. Weird. Dunno why.

    1. You’re right, it’s soo gross. Strangely enough, that’s part of the appeal to me. I don’t find it gross because she’s old, I find it gross that she just leaves the gunk on her finger while continuing to squeeze. Then, when she does finally wipe it, she puts those nasty napkins on the sink next to dishes that I assume they eat off of. Ewwww.

      People never cease to amaze me.

      1. That is extremely gross, I feel the same way. There is a perfect balance one must find when expelling these things. Gloves should be nandatory. If gloves aren’t available and you MUST get some on you…have bleach readily available and DO NOT do it in the kitchen or on any furniture that ppl have to on. Go into the bathtub with the water running and do it there or go outside. People ultimately can squeeze where they want to, but I wouldn’t be comfortable visiting someone who has been expelling cyst all over their house..

  5. Wow, and that is some old people cheese too but that’s where you find all those nice things…. Bless someone for Trailer Parks and Everything south of the US border! Otherwise we wouldn’t have anything to watch.

    1. Hey Squeezit…go back & count the Yankee rednecks in all of these videos. I think you’ll find that obsessiveness, voyeurism, poor grammar, ignorance and skin defects are pretty much universal characteristics. Where are you from, friend? How can you speak of us as if you know everything about us (which you obviously don’t)? (I mean no disrespect, just felt a that little education was in order.
      Best Regards,
      Born & raised in Georgia
      155 IQ
      Continuously employed since turning 18 (I’m now 62)
      Happily married since 1975
      Own our own home with mortgage paid off
      Daughter was Valedictorian of her high school –
      She graduated with a 4.65 GPA, scored 1450 on SAT
      Graduated from University of Georgia in 3 years, Magna Cum Laude

  6. snapcracklepop says:

    This is a good one! It looked like she was mopping up the string with a sham-wow. :)

  7. Lots of good stuff in that one, popped by someone who know how to do it. Great camera work too.

  8. This is a good one!

  9. snapcracklepop says:

    Anyone know what language they are speaking?

  10. Gotta love the dirty fingernails. Great video.

  11. Yes, that’s weird. You gotta wonder–do you prefer dirty men who get these things because they don’t wash, or the animal videos? Personally, I cannot watch the animal ones.

    This woman has wonderful skin, and only one infected area. Just because her hair is grey does not mean she’s a senior either. In fact, once you get so old, you just don’t get this stuff anymore.

    1. OozeLover says:

      True and false…

      I agree that hair colour doesn’t mean elderly, I know a woman who was completely gray by 50, though in this case considering the skin and overall look, I would certain guess this lovely lady is over 70.

      False, My gran at 90+ produced very long cheese strings from her armpits. I envy my Aunt for getting to get to them, though even more I envy her getting to time to know my gran more than I ever ever got to.

  12. CHEEZEcoveredMIRROR says:

    Was it just me or did the film start from the middle then go the beginning towards the middle of the film? (if that makes any sense)

  13. WOW really nice thick squirty puss just keeps coming. Ya gotta love it!

  14. Wow! Great string action. Bet if the popper put some muscle behind it, the zit would’ve exploded all at once.

  15. You’re right. Grey hair does not a senior make. But that, plus the hairstyle and the clothing really suggests and aged gal ; )

  16. Yessir ..more fun than a can of Silly String!

  17. My favorite kind, lots of silly string, and a couple of good squirts in there, too!

  18. pimplepoppinmama says:

    These people are from Romania, not south of our borders… and what does living in the south of the US have to do with trailer parks? Or for that matter why refer to a trailer park at all?

    1. Innaffitoften says:

      Agreed, this title is offensive. “Trailer Parks” can actually be quite nice, AND considering the economy in the US, not to mention the rest of the world, I think that we can all agree that a trailer is much better than a drainage ditch, under an overpass, or a cardboard box. Let’s try to be a bit more sympathetic and kind with regards to these people that post good vids like this, all vids in fact. It’s not about them, it’s about the content of the video and pus. Leave the personal (even if I don’t get WHY this is a “Trailer Park”) comments about the living spaces of the people in the vids to yourself. It’s unkind and totally not cool.

  19. msyummichunks says:

    doesn’t all that cottage cheese spray make you feel all warm and friendly? Let’s all get together an’ have a pimple poppin cyst squashin party!! I’ll bring the dip. BTW what’s old?

  20. msyummichunks says:

    Enter Your Comment

  21. great video!!

  22. Twisted Cyster says:

    Yeahhhhhh !!!!! Great Pop, the white semy solid gunk is my personal favourite. This is the litle version of ,,Mashed Potatoes,,
    Nice Post…….and for me agreat welcome Vid. to the NEW Site ! ! Didnt seen it for a week or two,……. Got an Email from Emilbus and checked it out..Brand New Lay out ! ! GREAT !!!!!! Keep on posting , Popologists ! !

  23. I love those jumping pus worms!!!2 Thumbs up, in squeezing position!!

  24. As a native of Moss Bluff, Louisiana and a current resident of Texas, I reserve the right to talk about trailers and trailer parks whenever I like. That, my good frient, was a big ol’ TRAILER.

  25. I like the popping action of the video. She probably has this white-head or whatever it is popped about once a year. Nice visual image.

  26. Okay, this and the bachelor party video are my fav’s. I don’t know why–I like the images in the “Trailer” as compared to the humor of the bachelor party. Both are similar in action over thrills.

  27. All In Good Fun says:

    Does anyone besides me wish that when there is a loaded specimen like this one, that they would just put all the pus in one big pile and then measure it somehow? You know, like tablespoons, cups, half gallons? Just wondering.

  28. bit grossed out the way she left it all over her fingers. that stuff stinks to high heaven.
    i had one on my back a couple years ago and my friend used to squish it, it smelled horrid. once she put too much pressure and it exploded into her hair and face. she ran to the bathroom gagging!

    i finally had the doc remove it. this was before i found this site, so there is no footage. i have to say, i kinda miss my old friend, had it for about 5 yrs. or so.

    now i have a teenager with zits. i go to town on his back every now and again. he keeps it pretty clean though with zit wash and stuff, so its disappointing some times…no gunk. i keep waiting for the “BIG ONE”

  29. sushiqtay says:

    It is a fantastic find. And I applaud the woman for not shrieking. Back zits hurt like a *#Q#$!.

  30. sebaceous_zit says:

    love the pus velocity in this one :P

  31. BigSqUeeZe says:

    Great zit poppin’ action. My ex-wife had one of those bonus buttons on her back that never ran dry. The crater never closed. I swear it would wink at me. It finally turned so angry from all the squeezing I made her see a medical pro for removal.

  32. Still my fav–whenever I am stressed I can watch this video and relax. What does this say about my psych?

  33. Oh no, again I am commenting, and yes, I am stressed.

  34. shipwreck says:

    Beignet, old people do get this type of stuff all the time. I volunteer at Hospice and yes I see it all the time although I only actually popped one once. It was my grandmother and she had just passed. See old people get the hugest black heads in their wrinckles. I just had to get this one out of my grandmothers forehead before they took her to the funeral home. So after I helped the staff bath her and got her dressed I had some time alone with her and I got that damn thing out. I know she would be happy I did. I can remember my grandpa had a huge one in his cheek. I don’t even think they know that they are their. They probably cant even see them. But this video is one of my all time favorites. Love the squirts.

    1. You could probably get hired at a funeral home. Clean up the cadavers before they put the make up on them. That sounds creepy though.

  35. mothereruption says:

    I don’t think we got to see the entire action there. @ first the fingers were covered then we went to clean. I would have liked it if the popper didn’t “wipe” until he was done. We would have seen some pile up then,it’s the sticky kinda stuff!

  36. analwart says:

    WOW! Shipwreck popped his/her dead grandma’s zits!

  37. pussvoyer says:

    I was not expecting that to be so awesome!

  38. where are you posting?

  39. I am so glad to see this one return, as it is one of my favs. Thanks so much Emil

  40. First time I’ve seen it and love it! Makes me wish I would have spent more time with my grandma :(

  41. I saw this before, it is Romania, not a trailer park. I like her technique, she covers all the quadrants, but of course, she had excellent subject

  42. girlinthecellar says:

    Best video ever! I love the sudden squirting, it’s fantastic and satisfying. +10

  43. Румыны прицепом парки тоже!

  44. Granny’s not wearing a bra!!! Nice undies Gran!

  45. Thank you so much for posting this awesome video rossie!!!

  46. definitely a top pop.Thanks Rossie

  47. littlemisssquirt says:

    I think my favorite ones are old people’s cysts….do we have the one in the archives with Grandpa on the back patio in his suspenders and the granddaughter wears bright blue gloves to get it out. I think I saw that lat PM on YouTube!!!

    I also recall this one and was under the impression this was at a wedding at which Gran was a guest? LMS

  48. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    My, what big zits you have Granny…..

    All the better to blind you my child…..

  49. Love the dark blue napkin contrasting with the zit contents. All poppers should be required to use a contrasting “wipe” so we can see the total volume along with any color variations.

    1. Lol.. youre right.

      This is just excellent.. what a heavy hitter… the bombs fired and the disaster it left behind… wonderful : )

      I could feel the relief and I wasnt even the pop-ee

  50. zittylover says:

    huge cumshots! looool

    1. thats one way of putting it! I guess it does come right along, again and again!

  51. This is my FAVORITE type of zit!!! The think, stringy ones that fire across the room!!!! 10 Thumbs up!!!

  52. it was like they were shooting for distance on a couple of those squeezes haha. and im pretty sure they hit the ceiling a couple of times. good vid :)

  53. truthinrock says:

    Grandma’s in the cellar,
    Lord, can’t ya smell her.
    Makin dirty pancakes on her stove.
    Never mind the matter,
    That’s drippin in the batter.
    It’s just the pus that keeps on runnin out of her nose.

  54. Twisted Cyster says:

    BEST silly-string vid around !!!!

  55. Katie Hernandez says:

    heheh :D I wasn’t expecting it to actually look like silly string . . .

  56. Great find spaghetti for dinner!

  57. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Looks like Granny is under “Pressure”………………………..

  58. Boo Hoo. There was more in ther. I wonder why they stopped….there were still a pile of unused blue party napkins stacked up…..

  59. i will never eat grannies cookies again

  60. Oh Audrey, just eat around the icing and/or glazed parts! LOL

  61. They have a spurter!!! Why do people choose to do this in or near the kitchen?

  62. 3cysterscafe says:

    This has been a favorite of mine for some time now. It gets better with every view and never gets old. Some great squirt action that seems to go on forever. Great find and post!

  63. use the fancy dinner napkins ..this is a keeper

  64. It did keep giving and the antiseptic at the end was a nice touch!!

  65. That trailer must have smelled to the high heavens after all that emerged.


  66. phillip jackson says:

    that was a fantastic video keep them comming..

  67. Finally i found the video who turned my childhood upside-down :)), damn YouTube banned my video.
    I must say, it’s the most disgusting thing i ever witnessed. I was recording with a hand over the nose and the other one was holding the phone.
    The language we-re talking is romanian. To bad i can`t hear the sound cause i wanted to download the clip. I-ve been looking for it since 2 or 3 years from now. Is there any way i can download it with sound ?
    Thanks in advance and also you`re welcome for this shitload zit video :))

  68. zitsandgiggles says:

    “It’s the little old lady from “Pus”adena…go granny go!”

  69. It’s like a cotton candy machine!

  70. Paula Hayes says:

    I always do wonder where does all this come from just when you think it is going to stop a big pile keeps coming out. Oh well keep the video’s coming I love to watch them and 1 day I am hoping I will have a friend who will need some help with 1. But for now I am glad we have Video’s to watch.


  71. the infected says:

    I had one of these when I was a kid. I found it when I was in the shower and kind of squeezed it until it was flat. Then I made the mistake of telling my mom about it and she squeezed until there was an indentation in my back. I had that little divot for years; I used to reach around and put the tip of my finger in it and be a little freaked out.

  72. Lovin Squeezn Mama says:


  73. Pretty impressive, no matter what the language or location is!

  74. OMG!!! It was Mt. Vesuvius of pus! Shooting forward, backward, up, down, around in huge globs!!

  75. Thanks so much, Rossie! That was a great find. A lot of great squirts!

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