Bum fun

Classic Pantera Video Butt Zit Pop!!

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  1. Yeah this is a classic from back in the day! Man i remember watching this pantera vid in highschool. Icant believe this wasn’t up on the site!!!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      Sure would have loved to see that sac removed!

  2. Dang, the whole family just gathered right around to enjoy the show. I’m just glad he didn’t have hemorrhoids!

  3. Dang, the whole family just gathered right around to enjoy the show. I’m just glad he didn’t have hemorrhoids!

  4. letmegetmyfingersonthat! says:

    The family that squeezes together…

  5. pimple princess says:

    Looks like he got capped in the ass!

    See what the economy has reduced us to? We have to get our entertainment from some redneck living room ER showing pus coming out of a man’s ass! Lord help us all!

  6. pimplepoppinmama says:

    ummm that isn’t a family… that is a rock group… as emilbus said “Pantera” and this vid is very old but good! Just wish we would have seen more popping…

  7. I miss ol Dimebag……

  8. pimple princess says:

    Ok,so it’s Pantera dude…sorry. :-)

  9. pimple princess says:

    Ok,so it’s Pantera dude…sorry. :-)

  10. StillWaitingForTheBigOne says:

    That is freaking hilarious! He questions the ‘poppers’ hand cleanliness and I would think the ‘popper’ had more to be worried about catching something due to infection exposure. What in the hell was all that red and black crap around the ‘ass zit’? Was it scabbed and raw areas? I don’t know. Whatever, it was funny!

  11. concordboyz says:

    Perhaps he should of washed his ass more.

  12. It looked like there was a little “spout” thing where the pus came out. Yuk.

  13. so this guy is a member of pantera? sorry for my ignorance…pantera is a lil heavy for me :/

  14. msyummichunks says:

    guys got it goin, good music fantastic arse, beautiful,bountiful zit, good friends best beer yep looks like hes got the good life goin..

  15. […] to watch it, because I was already scarred by the first time I saw something like this. On some old Pantera home video. lol —-RIP […]

  16. […] I foound it.The Pantera zit vid.Oddly not as graphic as I remember. Pantera Butt Zit Video – Butt Popping Zit Video | Pop That Zit | Acne Videos Perhaps even more disturbing was this.. Amazon.com: Suvorna Professional Blackhead Remover / […]

  17. Buttcheese?

    1. Even that word was a little heavy for me! Hahaha

  18. Hmmm, I guess the title fer this one coulda been “2 Rednecks And Their Dawg”, or “2 Rednecks And Their Pet Ass”. Either way, that was one damned lazy pus poppin’!

  19. For some reason, this reminds me of a 70s porno.

  20. That kicked ass.

  21. sdschlegs says:

    That was GREAT! I’m glad he didn’t have a big old hairy butt!

  22. rebornmoron says:

    The guy was a guitar tech or something for one of the guys….cant remember which one….he accidently introduced his butt to a nasty piece of glass which shattered. Of course he was cut and infection followed.

  23. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Somewhere in the Cyberworld is the rest of this video. I have seen the complete version before. It is worth looking for cuz they pull out the sac.

  24. With all the butt zits that I have seen tells me that alot of ppl out there need to scrub their butts more when in the shower. Now that was a big butt zit. Nice content. Nice butt. heheheheheheh

  25. haha homeboy said i might as well get into porn after this hahaha…yeah that might make somebody turn that way lol

  26. had to watch this one again had to get my tuesday mooning in lol :) thank you for the post Emilbus20

  27. 3cysterscafe says:

    I have always thought of this one as one of my first favs from long ago. I wouldn’t want one on me but I sure would like to pop someone else’s!

  28. the comments crack me up that had to be one sore mother…….great vid I hadnt seen it before.

  29. Unbelievable that one would have an audience for an extraction on such an intimate body area – reminds me when it was the rage to invite family, friends, enemies in to watch the birth of a baby.

    Top if off, he shows his FACE!!! Can you imagine running into this guy at an airport or grocery store saying, “yeah, I saw your ass on PTZ, how is everything healing up?”

  30. No sure who that guy who came in an instantly shutter down, but he seemed quite steamed. Possibly the band leader or manager who didn’t want THIS particular brand of PR for the band, especially after he’d already showed his face. Too bad, there was lots more payload left in there and some other smaller ones that needed investigating. Great find!

  31. pashion4popin says:

    wow oldie but goldie. ignorance is bliss i suppose. reminds me of 70’s porn in a way.

  32. I guess he couldn’t think of a song and dance routine, so he pulled this out for show and tell.

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