Gangrene? on the back of a shoulder

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  1. i dont think its a repeat – thanks for this one – i liked it

  2. meteoreyes says:

    Oh, what COLOR!! Yucky–thanks!

  3. miss priss says:

    Goodness! That must have smelled terrible!

  4. missjennye says:

    If only there was smell-o-vision… That was a good one. Thanks!

  5. letmegetmyfingersonthat! says:

    I think this is the one that was posted from YouTube, that suddenly disappeared. I remember the vivid green pus! Most of the members of this site did not get to see it before YouTube yanked it. I’m so glad that you found it again, PPM!

  6. elkemorrow says:

    Thank you very much for posting it, I haven’t seen that one before. That puss was as green as can be…. awesome! And a whole bunch of it…. Nice.

  7. flyking138 says:

    pretty good except the lighting was terrible

  8. somethingdifferent says:

    that was nice, thankyou. i always want to get out a flashlight and shine it on the monitor to see if it helps

  9. OH GOD THE GREENESS. Great camera work, too. Would’ve liked more lighting, but you can’t have everything.

  10. Talk about toxic waste. The relief he must of felt. Good one.. thank you

  11. Pimple Boy says:

    Nice! If you sprayed that over Iraq, the war would be over in 3 seconds!

  12. blackheadlvr says:

    Man, check out the color of that gunk. Love it.

  13. Gooch_Rash says:

    gaak! huzzah!

  14. Gangrene isn’t green. It basically kills body tissue, turning it back and gross. This is just one hell of an infection, not gangrene.

    1. I agree, not gangrene. Also, the doc in the vid says, “senoro … abscess”

  15. PusLuvr1967 says:

    I wish that doctor had drained it into a cup so I could drink this beautiful pus that has oozed from this Spanish mans back. I would love to stick my tongue into that gaping incision and gnaw upon that sac that held this magnificent juice…ahhh I’m so horny………….

  16. meteoreyes says:

    WARNING!! Do NOT read PusLuvr1967 unless you have a sex/pus fetish! Newcomers–do NOT read!

  17. Predator blood!!!!!!

  18. luvinsplat says:

    wow…. can you imagine the smell!?

  19. greenemerald77 says:

    Yuk, Thanks for the warning meteoreyes that pusluvr1967 one sick puppy, I thought people like that generally stayed on you tube! pusluvr you’re a freak.

  20. Green back snot! I bet it smelled!

  21. Amazing what the body can produce

  22. PrincessPus091 says:


  23. Someone should have turned the lights on.

  24. msyummichunks says:

    The color of the exudate is a clue to what kind of bacteria it may be. I’m bettin’ this one smells heavenly! Nice gusher !!!

    1. Unbelievable! The only other time on this site I’ve seen something that green and thick was a butcher cutting open an infected organ. I hope they reigned in that nasty infection.

  25. ShowMeTheNasty says:

    dood, you’re not even remotely funny.

  26. It will be a miracle if he didn’t catch another infection from that room and the procedures of the, uh, “doctor”.

    1. I agree @jumbob. Had those same feelings. Doc did not fool around either by the size of that gash leaving more area open & exposed to all the little germies. Honestly, I was looking for a bare bulb hanging with a fly strip or two in that “medical facility” We always ask when we see maggot vids: How does this happen? This is how it happens and in part why draping is used around wounds so when Doc has to turn his attn away to find tools. supplies, (I noticed he had no asst.) that a fly or other bug can’t land on the wound area on his back for a second leaving eggs behind…

  27. you mean their are people who drink this stuff? EWWWWWWWWWWWWW…………………….sick sick sick

  28. sometimes with gangrene u will see maggots this is a great video wish there was maggots though…hmm yes my mind is just a weeeee bit twisted lol

  29. Green goo beautiful

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      Is that what they mean when they say….”Go Green” ?

  30. 3cysterscafe says:

    Nice video. Wish we could have seen more. What the heck was that doctor saying? Anyone know?

  31. Remember the can of green slime sold as a toy? That is what the contents spewing forth from the shoulder reminded me. That was a serious infection with it’s neon green.

  32. Reminds me of “You can’t do that on TV”. Perhaps the doctor had said “I don’t know” just before filming……

  33. Cystlover2 says:

    PusLuvr1967…you are a very sick individual…get help!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Just lovely…

  35. Why are these giant pus bombs always cleaned up with such tiny rags? You need about 5 pieces of Bounty to clean these up!

  36. Emil, I couldn’t see much of anything oozing or otherwise. Must be my ailing monitor…thanks for bringing it back!!

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