And Another Spider Bites

5 Comments on “And Another Spider Bites

  1. NetJunkie says:

    Until someone’s leg falls off.

  2. letmegetmyfingersonthat! says:

    that the spider venom liquifies the flesh.

  3. This is what I would have done. First, I would have poured a whole bottle of peroxide over it. Then, I would have put a hot water compress over it and I would have scream my heart out because it would have hurt like hell. Then I would have put some more peroxide on it and I would have cut it open with a sterilized knife. And I would have watched it drained. But that’s just me. Also, could you please bring Eureka back? :)

  4. anastasia8983 says:

    That looks like staph infection not a spider bite.

  5. You guys that live in the USA and Europe are so lucky to have spiders that do this to you. Here in Australia, if you’re bitten by a spider, you are pretty much dead in 2 hours.

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