Post Lip Piercing Cyst

8 Comments on “Post Lip Piercing Cyst

  1. letmegetmyfingersonthat! says:

    these instructive medical videos. Excellent camera work, and a clear view of the procedure. That cyst was nasty looking, maybe because it was so squishy.

  2. verscharren says:

    i had one of these but thank god mine went away!

  3. flyking138 says:

    it’s not that’s it’s really gross or anything its just that i enjoy huge abscesses with loads of pus more, especially animal abscesses. if only all clips could have such steady camera action. i don’t understand the difficulty of holding a durn camera, it’s complete mindlessness

  4. Gooch_Rash says:

    Pzit Pzit Pzit

  5. Wish it was popped though!

  6. Edward_Houshi says:

    And a tad boring. The whole time I was either thinking "Pop it!" Or when they cut it open and you could see the thing "Yank it out already! Just yank it!!!"

  7. somethingdifferent says:

    i’m not positive, but i’m pretty sure i had one of those when i got my labret pierced, the tissue tried to grow over the disk on the back. i just chewed it off and went on with my life. it’s slowly growing back, but if i’d quit getting headbutted in the lip it might help hinder that process.

  8. the infected says:

    It was so cute, like she was growing a baby eyeball, or something.
    This is also why I’m never getting anything else pierced. Ears are enough trouble.

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