Lipoma Removal

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  1. elkemorrow says:

    Impressive whats in there, too bad, no pus.

  2. Zitzstress says:

    I’ve seen this over on you tube and now here, getting another look at it, it still looks like it might be a practice dummy of some sort that they work with before getting a surgeon’s license or something? Almost no blood and then what? Weird whatever it is.

  3. cybersharque says:

    It’s excision of a lipoma, an abnormal fat tissue. Why is this dumb? Look, when you pop a zit, you’re monkeying around with superficial parts of the body. Worst case, you get a skin infection, an MD debrides it, drains the sinuses, gives you antibiotics both topical and systemic, and you get better. Even if the "worst case" is a MRSA infection, because it’s in the skin and I and my colleagues can readily incise and excise the mess. In this case, we have a full-thickness incision completely through the skin into deep hypodermic spaces. There was no attempt to establish a sterile field. The patient is not prepped (no betadine-povidone wash, no drapes) and there is no sign that he was closed in layers (if the patient is lucky, the incision and extraction followed the Langur Lines, but that would be just luck ‘cos the surgeon certainly did not demarcate the surgical zone).

    No packing. No suture. No sterile field. Great gracious gehenna, that’s a recipe for a mother of a post-op infection with likely septicemia.

    Yummm, that’s a couple of zithts on a noisy surgical ward with an IV drip of Vancomycin or something equally sickening. Blood poisoning, with frank pus circulating in the bloodstream. Common result is that a chunk of pus sticks to a heart valve, a/k/a erosive endocarditis. Oh, goody, that’s $100,000 in medical bills to help me pay off my loans.

    Please don’t do this. Go to a cool dermatologist and make sure he lets you stay awake and watch.

    Popping zits is not smart. Home surgery on deep sub-Q spaces is stupid.

    Oh, and there’s so little blood because, probably, the "surgeon" infiltrated the site using lidocaine with epi. (Obviously there was some anesthesia because the patient is not screaming and writhing in pain, and the lack of blood announces that the anesthetic was "with."

  4. pimplepoppinmama says:

    If you go to their website, there are two other videos concerning this procedure. Click on video, random clips, and page 2. It shows examining the lipoma, and the stitching of it. Cybersharque, if this made you uneasy don’t watch THOSE video. They said they couldn’t afford the doc but they sure had doctor quality tools and stands. Hopefully there wasn’t an infection. If there was, they didn’t post a video. His anethesia could have been alcohol. There was a person involved for sure. They show him.

  5. Emilbus, the music is so upbeat, and I didn’t even know I liked hophop music! I couldn’t find anything wrong with either the surgery or camera work.

  6. Music totally unnecessary due to dialog between doctor and patient, but a nice big cyst he had there!

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