Huge neck abscess

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58 Comments on “Huge neck abscess

  1. elkemorrow says:

    Man, why do people turn off the camera??? That would have been a nice gusher… This was like getting turned on by a stripper and then left alone… nice pus though.

  2. I actually watch the time the entire video dreading the fact that they’ll most likely turn it off to soon.

  3. letmegetmyfingersonthat! says:

    I was afraid we wouldn’t get to see any of the pus because she was taking so long to get ready!

  4. i got nervouse till the end lol

    1. hahaha!!! Me too!II was watching the “time” and I was telling myself;”man,this vid will be too short”lol.The vid only lasted 1:51 and the doc(I guess its a doc)started to cut the cyst at 1:4? (forty-something)!!!

      Its funny @emilbus20,cuz I was also getting nervous because of it!loll…
      I wonder why ppl do that?(shutting their camera off too early).They probably dont think abt the viewers,or it wasnt suppose to be on the net!IDK…

      Anyway,great vid,and amazing post emil.
      Tnx to you :)

  5. Even though I wish it had lasted longer, this was the best video close-up as all should take note!

    1. I agree.. would have like to see more…

  6. flyking138 says:

    did you notice all the blackheads on his chin/neck area? there were at least twenty or thirty blackheads there. also, on the far right of the abscess, the guy had a huge whitehead. i wish they would’ve popped the blackheads first and then the whitehead while we were patiently waiting for the drainage. it doesn’t take film school to make a good clip.

  7. The camera was a little shakey but the video quality was excellant.

  8. But what was that black thing that jumped out just as it started to drain?

  9. letmegetmyfingersonthat! says:

    I think that was one of the two black scabs that you see on the abscess at the beginning.

  10. What a jip!

  11. Man..i would have done that myself at home..and used a pin to put a small hole then squeezed it hard…imagine the action!!!.

  12. Some of the videos on here… like this one… are white but I hear the video.. anyone know WHY I cannot see this and some others?

  13. Make sure your flash player is up to date? not sure

  14. You can see the ingrown hair come out it looks like…

  15. Gooch_Rash says:

    Too bad it was stopped so soon! I feel like Peg Bundy.

  16. A face of a pig? Or a kitten? You decide.

  17. Lets all get a life says:

    I think it looked like a cute little baby sea lion. Its eyes just stared so sadly at you. At first I thought the black stuff was one oof the two scabs, or eyes, whatever you want to call them but then I watched it again and they don’t move with the flow of the puss. So I guess I still haven’t answered anyones questions. Accept of course that it is the face of a baby sea lion.

  18. amazedbyzits says:

    I was getting disappointed lately but this one helped to satisfy. I would have loved to see the Dr. take a stab at the other pocket, though.

  19. luvinsplat says:

    I’ve looked at it carefully…. it seems like it’s a blood clot. that is what it appears to me. poor old man! i’m sure he felt way better after his boil has been popped.


    oh man! it was just getting started! What a tease!!

  21. mugspopthatzit says:


  22. Very impressive.

  23. PrincessPus091 says:

    They cut it off much to soon! I nearly zitgasm’d then it cut off D:

  24. almost like watching a mistery movie, just when you are going to find out who is the killer the light went off……lol it stopped to soon
    I think the videographer fainted………XD

  25. msyummichunks says:

    that was sweet smooth and relaxing! Made me smile…..

  26. msyummichunks says:

    viewing this one again and it’s still smooth and relaxing. I’m wondering why is some drainage white or off white, yellow, various shades of green and yellow. Mixtures of various shades, some even seem to have a bluish gray tint. Any thoughts ya care ta share?

  27. tease!

    but i have to disagree i think it looks like a peep it even has a marshmallowy inside

  28. Dirty man needs grooming tips.

  29. sebaceous_zit says:

    freakin awesome! but agreed it was stopped way too soon! lol it does kinda look like a marshmellow peep hehehe :P u guys crack me up man. and yea, woulda loved to see the dr go for the other one :(

  30. acyst_the_cyst says:

    awesome pop but I wish there was more=-( almost all of it was a tease though=-D

  31. It look like the zit had two eyes. They should of kept rolling the video.

  32. Shedevil724 says:

    the pus drainage was sweet!! Wish it was longher..geesh that lady took a long time
    good stuff!!

  33. Lovely! i liked the black thing coming out in the beginning.

    Can we not get a high speed HD camera to record an abcess being popped in slo mo!? i think the entire PTZ community would ADORE THAT!

  34. why do people just pussy foot around with these things? Get in there and get at it.

  35. Beautiful eruption but it ended too soon. Great post.

  36. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    he’ll be back…..

  37. I just kept thinking of the wizard of oz,i’m melting oooooo i’m melting,I’ll get you my pretty..

  38. I loved it! Thank you Emil for the org post and Halph for bringing it back to the top. That was just a river of pus! Maybe the video cut out because it was back in 2008 and if it was on a phone maybe he had a limited time to record.

    And some of the comments were hilarious.

    Too bad it was stopped so soon! I feel like Peg Bundy

    A face of a pig? Or a kitten? You decide.

    I think it looked like a cute little baby sea lion. Its eyes just stared so sadly at you.

    i think it looks like a peep it even has a marshmallowy inside
    lol it does kinda look like a marshmellow peep

    It look like the zit had two eyes.

    he’ll be back…..


  39. I forgot another great comment:

    I just kept thinking of the wizard of oz,i’m melting oooooo i’m melting,I’ll get you my pretty…


  40. @flyking138- Right? I was thinking the same thing. What kind of doctor WOULDN’T want to attack blackheads that size?!?!

  41. These weekly Top 10 A pretty good idea give us a place to go on the slow day’s for our daily fix on puss and blood and pain..

  42. I want to pick at those scabs, aaaaaaah!!!

  43. I expected to see those big black holes come out with big worms.

    1. that would have been awesome!

  44. All I kept thinking was “You’re not supposed to cut toward your finger!” I was wondering if we would get a 2-for-1 deal. :)

  45. Nice gush! I wasn’t expecting the pus to come rushing out like it did…

  46. and want to go to the next part… and here now, is the rest of the story. Still great

  47. Looks like a bug’s head.

  48. Jen_the_ledge says:

    yummy where’s the toast

  49. zitsandgiggles says:

    You could tell the doc was proceeding with caution…after pushing and palpitating it, the contents were obviously under pressure…:)

  50. Emil, it was over way too quickly!! So I’ll just haveta watch it 3 more times yah that oughtta do it!

  51. Gliss-PussBliss says:

    One Push!!!

  52. I want to get the 2 blackheads that were there!

  53. Nothing to see for me. I have clicked on a lot with just a blank space where there should be a video.

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