Major Puss Coming Out of This Guys Neck

OMG, this guy has a major infection or something underneath that bandage dressing. When he tries to pull the dressing away, a huge amount of runny pus comes pouring out before he is even finished! Oh how I wish this video was longer – aren’t you just dying to know what the wound looked like underneath that nasty gauze???

21 Comments on “Major Puss Coming Out of This Guys Neck

  1. letmegetmyfingersonthat! says:

    too quick, but wonderful pus gush.

  2. it spelled pus not puss you dumbzit.

  3. pimplepoppinmama says:

    Maybe there is another one zitociated with it that you could find.

  4. pimplepoppinmama says:

    I typed a s s ociated… what the heck?

  5. letmegetmyfingersonthat! says:

    program automatically changes a s s to zit. So a lot of what people type, such as ma s s, or a s sociated, etc., comes out looking like the person who typed it is not totally literate.

  6. This really belongs in a blog, but just this once, please forgive me. Thank you, pusspop! Just kidding (I’m sorry, puspop)! Thank you for trying (as so many pus fans have) to get our pusociates to spell PUS correctly!! It is not hard—and we even have Spell-Check! Hell, I don’t know how to make someone want to be the least bit literate, and I do know that many people don’t care if they look stupid. Perfect spelling doesn’t make a person automatically smart, but they LOOK smart, at least! If I had two job applications in front of me, I would hire the applicant who showed enough pride to make an attempt spell basic things (in frequent use) correctly (and who had a giant cyst)! What’s that? Shut up? Okay, but at least think about what we’re saying–my pusfriend and me.

  7. msyummichunks says:

    ha ha ha this is really funny pusfriends and pusneighbors! I want you to know that is not a clean wound. He needs to start with some good ol’ soap n water, than maybe some oral atb. then maybe some topical. He just might get somewhere, but as it stands, it’s simply dirty. Remember cleanliness is the first step in healing, somewhere in there is good nutrition, I’m just pusramb;ing now, Chunks is out.

  8. Most def needs to wash his hands–this is not my fav type of zit-cyst-boil popping video–

    1. Pick_That_Puppy says:

      A pus valve………..

  9. Splatter Man says:

    He should put that pus-soaked gauze on a hook and go catfishing.

  10. Wait…. Where’s the end??

  11. A great start that should have had a proper finish!!!

  12. It’s so damned short! You can’t even get a feel for whether this unkempt person has or will ever get medical help for this obviously VERY LARGE source of infection…..makes me feel kinda hopeless, actually. Whomever came up with it–PLEASE do some more research into this for us, (with an eye toward posting another disgusting video, of course)

  13. damn..the levy done broke…run for your life!

  14. Short but to the point! Of course would have loved to see more!

  15. wow how the pus flowed out after taking bandage down thats crazy infected great find Emilbus20 happy new year smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  16. Dude, put some gloves on. It looks like staph infection, highly contagious.

  17. It must be a tremendous infection to so openly flow green pus. Hope he gets help.

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