Giant Boil/Cyst on chicks face!

Girl with a nice, ready to pop boil on her face, just under her earlobe. She gives it a squeeze and the pus just oozes out… thanks, Mom for holding the camera!

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  1. letmegetmyfingersonthat! says:

    that darn thing!

  2. at the video cyst popper. ITs 2 below it on the main page!

  3. main page of what ?? i cant find it

  4. this site. go to main popthatzit. com then look like 3 videos down for the video title cyst popper.

  5. cybersharque says:

    That’s not a boil. It’s a pre-auricular cyst. This resulted from an embyonic anomaly in the way the branchial cleft developed. In her case, it did not produce a birth defect but it still was present, and growing and growing and growing. And since the cyst wall was not excised, it will re-fill and be back. Probably infected, too, since it’s been opened up to the outside (and it’s pretty obvious that the person did not use aseptic technique).

    Listen, people, zitpopping is a natural and healthy thing to do, really, but you’ve got to know that not ever poppable lesion in the skin is a wen or comedo that is (reasonably) safe to handle on a DIY basis. Mzitive swellings on the jaw, near the ears or eyes, are rarely suitable for home surgery. If the person who had this done reads this post, I sincerely hope she gets to a physician soon to have this tended to before it turns into the life-threatening intracranial infection that it has the potential to become!

  6. letmegetmyfingersonthat! says:

    for reminding us of the danger inherent in messing with these infections. I’ve often wondered what happened to some of the people featured in the videos. We could have done without the Fools salutation, however. Not everyone is an expert on the subject. Are you in the medical field?

  7. cybersharque says:

    And yes, I’m a PGY2 at an urban medical center and I deal with cutaneous infections regularly. The worst are the ones that people haves messed with, not cleaned out correctly, allowed to turn into mzitive infections, and then they show up and I end up with an examining room that needs to be decontaminated. It would be really instuctive to see followup videos, but scanning the site, I see exactly one (a fellow who aspirated a mzitive cyst but did not excise the infection, leading, unsurprising, to a generalized cellulitis of the face, which CAN kill you.

  8. letmegetmyfingersonthat! says:

    He looked to be in pretty bad shape. I wonder what ever happened to the guy with the mzitive infection in his jaw. I hope that he finally went to see some one about it. A lot of the people that come to this site are here because they love to see the ooze, myself included. Is visiting this site kind of a busman’s holiday for you? It must be a relief to know that you don’t have to clean up and decontaminate after these people.

  9. Late posting regarding “Giant Boil/Cyst on chicks face!” Let us hope this gal is alive. She needed medical care before she messed with that mess.

  10. Oh gross! The bloody brown pus ones always make me gag.

    1. Splatter Man says:

      I thought it had more of a greenish tinge to it.

  11. A nice plump cyst, from a nice plump neck….omg…shame on me….lol

  12. not interesting really and yes I agree hope she got some help,not from mom though.

  13. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    I think there is too much sin in her life….. that’s what causes them things.

  14. At least she wasn’t afraid to play in her own Goo!!!

  15. ahhhhhhh wish they didn’t stop recording it still had hella good suff inside that puppy :) great find Emilbus20 happy new year smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  16. comedoness says:

    What a blast to see some of my ancient comments on here. ;-)

  17. NMGAPAOH says:

    I’ve had ingrown hairs in that are take a long time to heal.

  18. “Ewwww I’m gonna throw-up! OK, come on, do it some more”….haha…

  19. Emilbus, why oh why did mama stop filming before daughter finished up-she was doing so well!!

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