Dirty little pus knobby!


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  1. are you still showing clips from youtube? if you’re going to use the youtube clips, ONLY pick the good ones i.e. abscess lanced or the hispanic ones. mexicans always have great clips of abscesses

  2. dont you submit those videos then. Stop your whining its pathetic!

  3. If you are all up in arms about the clips that this site is posting, startyur own. This site has done sooo much for all of us who have this seemingly weird addiction to watching stuff being popped so you can just take your complaining else where. And by the way, flyking138, check the name of the site. It’s not called lancethatabcessacne!!!

  4. letmegetmyfingersonthat! says:

    I checked out youtube yesterday to see what your whining was all about, and found that I prefer this site better. It’s devoted to what we love the most.

  5. if you don’t like what this site has to offer, then quit looking at it. I love this site and I don’t care where they get their videos from. So quityerziting!!

  6. Arguing over the ‘net about explosive zits… we truly are whacked! :-D Not only are we sick enough to LOVE this stuff we become offended when others complain. I LOVE this planet. :-D

  7. STFU, CHOKE yourself. WITH MY HAND!

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