Horn Zit? What is this and how does it get this big!!

9 Comments on “Horn Zit? What is this and how does it get this big!!

  1. zitpoppingjunkie69 says:

    I belive that is a blackhead gone wild!YUCK!!!!I could be wrong though.What is it really does anybody know?

  2. Old people grow all kind of this that no one can identify.

  3. old people get the weirdest growths. The question is do they notice them? I mean ive had some suff that could have grown into this if didn’t look at my face for… oh lets say.. 2 years lol!!!!

  4. skin cancer.

    I know some old co-worker that has skin cancer, and the coloration and texture look about the same. His didn’t stick out far like this one though.

  5. whylovethis? says:

    an old, dried out skin-tag mole thing.

  6. concordboyz says:

    I believe that this type of acne is referred to as a horn pimple. And, I am not sure that it is that easy to lance and can probably cause great pain.

  7. looks like a cutaneous horn

  8. TATS-N-SPLATS says:

    ok,i was about…16 yrs old,i felt n itch in my pubic area…..shure enuff,one of these things had popped up,of course i ran straight to the bathroom and popped it…..never got one since……

  9. haha if you look real close it looks like a happy turtle face with one eye and smiling lol great pic find Emilbus20 smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

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