Sebaceous Cyst Exploding

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  1. that was pretty nasty!!!!!!!!

  2. wt_gudakunst says:

    That was just down right awesome!!! WOW!!! That was a good one!!

  3. if he jsut squeezed it like rlly hard once at the begginning lol (A BOMB)

  4. zit! That was fantastic. Nice camera work too. Great job.

  5. These vids just keep on getting better and better! ziting gnarly!

  6. Gooch_Rash says:

    This is the entire reason that the internet was invented. This and porn.

  7. This one is in my top five for sure. The explosion at the beginning was incredible! So great that it’s played in slow-mo at the end. Repeat! Repeat!

  8. irreCYSTible says:

    some cleaning after the action would have been nice…but greaaaaaaat

    1. The note on the original posting of this video on YouTube did say that their family doctor had told them to go ahead and lance it and then they went in the next day to have it treated by him. I think they also said it had healed up nicely.

      Still, the towel was a bit odd, even if it was fresh out of the wash.

  9. This one just made me scream out loud!

  10. Amazing huge squirt, but get the goddamn towel out of there. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

  11. luv2bnurse says:

    I friggin LOVE this video. Not a cyst though my popster pals, but a very large abscess. I do agree however, that the towel was not the best idea to do the “surgery” with. Shoulda, coulda, woulda used LOTS of gauze 4×4’s, papertowels….anything but a bath towel!!

  12. I luv this video, but the retarded “Oh my God” chick drives me up the wall; I now watch it with the sound muted….
    I bet she doesn’t even shut up during sex, hahaha

  13. texassugar1 says:

    Why do i set here amazed by this puss,i get all warm inside watching it go splat!LMAO o well at least im in good company, thank you all for being as sick about this as i am!

  14. This is one you like to revisit every now & then. Great.

  15. The grossest thing is using the towel. Then they throw it in the wash with the other towels yum! No brains.

    1. I doubt that any zit bacteria would survive a 95 degree celsius wash with detergent.

  16. comedoness says:

    Thanks for including this, MomE, it’s one of the classics.

  17. unclelarry says:

    Ah, a great classic.

  18. Splatter Man says:

    They need to be sure and wash that towel… then burn it.

  19. comedoness says:

    Such marvelous chunks!

  20. absolute top 5% of all vids

  21. This one is a classic that’s been around a while…..but am I the only one that gets annoyed with the screaming? I feel like I have to mute most videos.

  22. This was one of the first ones I had ever seen. The brown towel caused some of the effect to be lost. Popper was efficient. Nothing like lying on the garage stairs with apile of newspapers for your pillow! These characters and their ideas make me laugh…..

  23. Thick and bloody + non steril + great camera work= perfect night cap.

  24. The first video that I watched and got hooked! The pus jumping out at them on the initial cut to reveal chunks of pus floating around in the blood or some type of fluid. Each squeeze mystifying!!

  25. You just gotta love all those white chunks on the towel. Good stuff.

  26. Why do people react like that when they see body fluids? I probably would gasp, but I don’t do Oh My Gods over and over. The bath towel was not a good idea, but what the hay?

  27. Now I know what loculations look like – wow.

  28. The One with the Brown Towel
    This is another one of those vids I saw before I knew about PTZ.
    Grandma is doing the popping and she has some medical background and the family doc said it was ok to take care of at home.
    Funny, I remember it being WAY more spectacular – like Gary’s Exploding Back Cyst that was so popular last year. This isn’t as stunning as I remember. I guess I’m getting de-sensitized.

  29. The popper had on gloves and still used the towel as a shield ! It blended in with the color of the pus/blood coming out !! People really need to watch more PTZ videos to learn how to do it right !!!
    Otherwise good amount of grossness !!!

  30. While some people are content to watch chocolate fountains – we armchair poppers prefer to watch pus fountains, and this was one of the finest.

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