Knife operation to shoulder zit.


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  1. You see how a good cyst can bring friends together!?

    1. Cysts + Beer = <3

  2. will love this one!

  3. Gooch_Rash says:

    That was my favorite part!

    No, No! The Knife Part is over now!!

  4. bunkonkey says:

    wow that was so gross yet i kept wacthing the pus was so nasty

  5. thats not pus its sebum

  6. jedimasterjesse69 says:

    Man,that was awsome!!!! Ever since I found this site I visit it daily with high hopes of finding some new zits!!

  7. clumsywesley says:

    I saw this video a few months ago, and I just couldn’t find it! This, to me, is one of the most epic pimple explosions of all time.

  8. What cracks me up about this one is how this guy can just sit back and drink a beer like it’s nothing HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  9. washyourhands says:

    the first time i saw this was on youtube. you would think at some point someone would have stepped up and said. hey were drunk were using a steak knife at a bbq to lance open a dead white cell filled cyst on a friend…. lets put on some gloves or better yet lets follow our friend to the hospital as a doctor does this procedure in a sanitized hospital room instead of on someones back porch next to the keg… what is wrong with people? wash your hands.

    1. Heck, truth be told, they probably don’t have enough steak knives to go around, and the dude used it to cut his steak, after wiping it off “sterilizing it” (my husband calls it) on the leg of his pants.
      Oh yes, and re YOU gonna be the one to pay for the well-intentioned trip to let a doctor do it?

  10. this_is_nasty says:

    that initial pop had so much promise but the camera guy screwed up royally. Love those cameraphones…NOT

  11. New favorite that guy is my Hero!!! Looks like bubblegum

  12. “IT GOT THE WINDOW” that is some good distance, so wish it was better quality to see the first squirt better.

  13. snapcracklepop says:

    This is one of the first videos I saw when I did my first search for zits and pus on youtube. I’m feeling all nostalgic now. :)

    1. Same here!! :)
      It was my first one!And then,I read the comments,and I was like;”Really,I’m not the only one obsessed with that kind of thing!”

      I made my coming out right then!Not that I was ever ashamed of my “love” for cyst,zit,etc…but I never thought of it as an obsession!
      Now…I do!I’m even jealous of these ppl!(except those with “pilonidal cyst”,they are just above the rectum…So you need to clean the cyst for months,and other majors painful things to go through!)
      Those are VERY nasty and painful,u probably know what I’m talking abt,but if you dont,make a small research on the “subject”.Its really nasty.

  14. comedoness says:

    This is another oldie. You hear other people refer to it on their own zit videos, so I’d have to call it a true classic. The poppee is pretty loaded, and pretty funny. “Maybe we should rethink this…” “The knife part is over now.”

  15. If only the hung that fella upside down, then they would have had a pus pinata!

  16. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    1. Liquor
    2. Drunk friends
    3. Ripe zit
    4. Dull kitchen knife

  17. I love this one! “Looks like bubble gum.” Yum. Goes right into my faves.

  18. Does anyone else think he looks like a mix of Heath Ledger and Matthew Morrison?

  19. pussbuster says:

    The brother has a great technique for making a hole.
    So many people try to slice it and end up making a long cut and it’s not even deep enough.
    or they go to far the other way and they end up with something that should be stitched.

  20. unclelarry says:

    This is a golden oldie. I remember the dark days before I found PTZ, surfing You Tube for my zit fix. I would hide in the dark corners after midnight and ask the Tube “come-on man, you know what I need. Give me a zit video”. Trembling and sweating heavily, this would always pop up along with the other over-played video “what IS that? It looks like a brain!” Now I’m much better thanks to a steady supply of zit vids from PTZ.

    1. I feel your pain! Not all that long ago, I too discovered a few disgusting infected abcess videos on U-Tube, and then spent days and days watching ALL the ones they throw up at you, for you to try–so many of them fakes, but also many of them withdrawn or deleted for some reason….I remember the first time that happened, I actually cried–cuz I had no idea how to get back there again to see the rest! (there is off course, no end)

      1. Super ditto.

  21. Great explosion, and that’s what I’m here to see!

  22. Finally someone who knows what to do with the cyst sack!!!!

  23. Emilbus, you have been busy bringing back even more oldies for us newbies to appreciate!! Thank you so much. I’m super partial to the ones that party their way through the ordeal but get the job done well.

  24. always liked this one, was my first zit video i ever saw from you tube, glad we have this site much nicer and easier

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