OMG Can this be real? Worlds Biggest Zit!

17 Comments on “OMG Can this be real? Worlds Biggest Zit!

  1. Pinkflame190 says:

    I think its real. Just because it’s really big and unusual doesn’t mean its not real. Many of you guys are saying its photoshopped and I have no idea how you can come to that conclusion. I keep looking at the picture and I see no sign of anything that makes it looked photoshopped

  2. Pinkflame190 says:

    you can even see the shadow

  3. loveswatchingzitspop says:

    it has to be popped NOW

  4. tai mai shu says:

    imagine the mess on the mirror after that popage! wowzers!

  5. FANTASYS3 says:

    nasty, wouldn’t want to clean up after that monster

  6. flyking138 says:

    a reply to the april 15 comment….. i’ve been here a long time and i think this might be photoshopped. what gives this impression is the skin on the right side beside the abscess. the skin appears to be greenish and doesn’t look like the flourescent lighted skin on the left side. i realize the skin on the right side is near the shadow but this still seems peculiar. i honestly don’t know why someone would try to make a fraudulent abscess picture but maybe they’re heading for bigger fakes like UFOs or ghost pics. i’ve seen LOTS of abscesses the same size and bigger so that’s not the reason i question the authenticity.

  7. pretty sure thats photoshopped…as much as i hate to admit it.

  8. pretty sure thats photoshopped…as much as i hate to admit it.

  9. This is not photoshopped. Read what the person said on June 10, 2007. They’re right. There was a whole thread about this guy’s growth on that forum several years ago. It did in fact showed pictures of this pimple from different angles. I don’t think anybody is that talented that they could construct a fake pimple on somebody’s neck, showing it from all different kind of angles.

  10. Sorry, I made a spelling error. I meant to type, “It did in fact show pictures of this pimple from different angles.” I meant to type “show” instead of “showed”.

  11. There must be a gallon of pus in there. I’d love to see a video if it being lanced.

  12. Ah the holy grail of them all. As im going through this site right now to work out any bugs this image brings back memories. Was one of the first on the site!! giant pus filled neck zit!! I salute you!!!

  13. you would have to pop this one standing in front of him. With goggles, shower cap, gloves and a face mask. You will also need 5 traffic cones and some crime scene tape to cordon off the area of impact. i would also raise the terrorist alert to at least red.

  14. Hey Emil… there were a LOT more comments left on this vid… where did they go? Did they get lost in the move?

  15. holy moly- could be a fake with make up.or it could be real, we never saw stuff like this in facial school! ever.this is an oddity.

  16. It’s just not fair to show us something like this with no poppage!!

  17. most deff top ptz model material great pic Emilbus20 smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

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