Deep Blackhead

Man this thing is deep. I think they get a little too excited. lol

“the sist on my neck exploding needle blood” Uploaded by cjosiah on Aug 4, 2006

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  1. Thisisthebestsiteever says:

    Too much Fn around with tools dude. Sqeeze the damn thing hard once or twice and that’d be it! lol

  2. Are For Whimps. Get in there and squeeze.

  3. Stop messing around with the mining light helment with camera attached. You don’t need the needle, just MAzit as my name says. You messed up a good blackhead picture because you moved in too close and messed up the focus. You could have been the only REAL blackhead removal to be shown on video if you hadn’t been so stupid. What kind of gear would this "surgeon" use for a huge sebaceous cyst, a backhoe? I wanna see somne real blackhead removals. Dammit, I am going to jump the next person I see in the Walmart line waiting to check out, with a big ol blackhead winking at me. I’ll do a few days for zitault.

  4. Gloves. But you had everything else that wasn’t necessary.

  5. soo I just stumbled on this site which i admit is interesting, but this black head and what came out of it looked a little bit like MRSA…I know this because I had it. Just want to say be careful messing around with skin.

  6. AAPRRILL says:

    That was epic. I love how excited they are. “If I could do this all day everyday!” what we all think!!

    by the way, they may have had a needle from diabetes, or maybe even for giving a household dog injections for treatment or something. Why do people always assume drugs?

    1. Chantelle Jesberger says:

      Ppl assume drugs because they like to think the worst of others. When I was a teenager, I had a bunch of syringes in my lampshade in my bedroom. They came from my friends mom, who used them to give their donkeys’ injections. But ppl always assumed the worst. Needless to say, but I’d never in my life use a needle to administer drugs to myself. I HATE needles and… just…. no.

  7. washyourhands says:

    hm. way to over analytical here. im with the random person who said they must be engineering students. why go threw all those tools just to touch it with your hands anyway? and yes they were waaaaaaay to excited over this. yeah baby yeah baby yeah dude sweet!

  8. miss priss says:


  9. Better than high pitched screams of ‘Omg, so grooooss, ewwwww, I’m gonna puke, disguuuusting!!’

  10. What happened to the camera? I missed the white stuff. don’t shake the camera or get a tripod. the 1st squeeze was great.

  11. I wanna hang out with these guys.

  12. I love how excited they got over it without yelling or shrieking. It made me chuckle when they spoke in hushed tones like they might scare the blackhead back in!

  13. Really lucky that guy didn’t lance his friend’s jugular.

    1. Nah it was the needle used to insert an iv catheter, the needle guides the sheath into the vein and then is retracted leaving the plastic sheath in the vein. Probably a bunch of hospital workers!

  14. One of my favorites of all time! A definite classic!

  15. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Amateurs. This must have been their first blackhead ever.

    1. I understood the needle to loosen the side of the black head but they could have squeezed underneath and got the newer white pus. It had been there long enough to have a wide top. Greta find!!!!

  16. A great blackhead video. Thanks for posting it Emilbus20. MrsTeee

  17. Nice blackhead. It could be deeper yet…

  18. the extractor was a bona fide genius

  19. popfiend says:

    Score 20 points for dedication and skill. but take away points for blurry, jerky camera…I get woozy from the camera wondering all over the place…!

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