Big nasty on this dudes shoulder!

Here is part one of big nasty. This was one of the originals on the site and it brings a tear to my eye. Great work!!

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  1. Col. Ranger Fontana says:

    OK…the crap that came outta that zit was thicker than wall mud I’ve used to fill drywall! The ‘core’ from that zit could have plugged the hold in the Titantic!!! It looked like partially digested Pablum I’d vomit up as an infant!! And that girl doing that for him… THAT’S LOVE!!! Hold onto her buddy…she’s pure gold and a keeper!

  2. Col. Ranger Fontana says:


  3. amazedbyzits says:

    don’t these people wear gloves or at least sandwich baggies when they know they are dealing with pus and blood?

  4. This isn’t a pimple, it’s just a case of some dummy getting a nonviable surface piercing and then neglecting to care for it.

  5. My bad. In the photo, it looks like there’s a piercing in his skin. >.<

  6. I would’ve cut that sucker open and dug all that stuff out!

  7. urmother70 says:

    can anyone tell me how to get 1 like that

  8. meteoreyes says:

    What happened to the rest of this one? Wasn’t it much longer and had more comments by the people in the video? I hope the second one doesn’t get removed! Was it longer, or is it my faulty memory?

  9. concordboyz says:

    Why doesn’t that pretty girlfriend find a man who is clearner and knows what soap and water is? She can do alot better.

  10. aww, i’d do that that my boyfriend.

    (if they are dating)

  11. aww, i’d do that that my boyfriend.

    (if they are dating)

  12. this was definitely longer…not sure why it has been cut down.

    1. I was hoping it would be longer. That thing had so much more to go before it got shut down :(

  13. I hate chicks that are scared of getting ooze on their fingers. If you are gonna volunteer to pop, all inhibitions must be let go.

  14. msyummichunks says:

    is that really it? Honestly, lady, you shoulda left that beauty for those of us who appreciate zits, what a waste…..

  15. pussvoyer says:

    I want more! There’s more in there!

  16. my fav. moldy oldie is puss pop shooter, archive it, if ya care to,it’s a goody! as well, hey this would be good for the forum

  17. It’s only too bad that they didn’t take this one to the bloody, bloody end.. and it would-a been a bloody one, too! I see, mud, blood, and gore in this one’s ending!! But what they DID do was sterling! Just great! And hey, buddy! Yeah, YOU! Do NOT let her go! Cuz I’ll be there waiting to pick that beautiful little lady up! Any man would highly lucky to have a great zit-pickin’ mama that lovely doin’ all the hard work, and wiping us down after we explode. Hmm, maybe that didn’t come out quite right; welll, maybe I oughtta just leave it? I mean, it DOES fit!

  18. the girl was having the most fun…it was just getting good when it came to an end,,,it was cool for what it was..

  19. rebornmoron says:

    The longer version,I agree,is better,but even so, they never record the whole thing. There is a lot left in there and I wish they had done a pt3.It is a good video and I can actually watch pt1 and 2 WITH THE SOUND ON!!!

    These infections are NOT caused by lack of cleanliness and they will STILL appear, regardless of the amount of soap the person uses. That is an old wives tale.

  20. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Wash your hands people!

  21. Here’s the extended edition @ 5:14 seconds long. Enjoy!

  22. Thanks, Fuzzybeard. I remembered this one and I knew there was more too it. Love the pasty ones.

  23. Trust No One says:

    The squeezer was cute! You could tell the dude hadn’t lost all his senses, because he said, “it stunk”! The videography, was so “valley girl”. Love Her!

  24. why did it end so early? :o

  25. damn i wish that video was longer it had hella good junk up in there

  26. phillip jackson says:

    .nice puss and tattoo

  27. this is one of my fav and i have tried to find it for a while. this is a real short version and the whole thing is not there. i see there is a 2nd part but that is also cut short. anyone know where the full video is?

  28. Emilbus, thanks for bringing the oldies back for us to see for the first time! It constantly amazes me what content YT deems shocking and disgusting.

  29. His gf….mighta been… The guy has a huge angry zit on his shoulder. His gf squeezes it and pus so thick you could stucco a wall with it came out. This slightly amused everyone and the video ended. ENDED? Yep, what a waste..there was so much more to be had…waaa

  30. thedixiecrystal says:

    Oh man dang!! There was so much more pus, the thick stuff too! Bummed they didn’t finish the job.

  31. OhSayCanYouSebum says:

    Does anyone know if the original is around anywhere? It was much, much longer and way more satisfying.

    Those girls are cute!

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