Big Zit Explodes on Guys Chest

Looks like some our very fine military men, taking some time to pop and clean one of the soldier’s chest zit. And then his chest zit grenade explodes in a rain of pus. Much fun was had by all.

30 Comments on “Big Zit Explodes on Guys Chest

  1. Wow its sprays his uniform. Hope thats the only blood they shed. Semper Fi!!!

    1. 3cysterscafe says:

      That was Pretty! Love a man in a uniform! Nice pus shooter! It’s sad that this is 2012 now and our boys are still fighting, my son included!!

  2. meteoreyes says:

    Keep your eyes open, because WE LOVE YOU ALL!!! Thank you from all America!!

  3. meteoreyes says:

    It’s kind of comforting to think that maybe these guys (in the generic–men AND women) haven’t seen much action–if one little pimple can make a grown soldier barf. Maybe it’s just the food! Stay safe and I hope this is the worst physical wounding you’ll have to see! XOXOXOXOXO from home!

  4. Pop Zit With Fingernails says:

    wow….. no gloves? he’s that brave!!

  5. washyourhands says:

    its nice to see what our tax dollars are paying for. a bunch of grown men sitting around in a highly volatile and dangerous area playing with a pimple.

  6. this_is_nasty says:

    shouldn’t these inbred fu*ks be fighting a war they don’t know why they’re fighting?

  7. this_is_nasty says:

    that’s what happens when you do too much steroids… nipples start pointing downward and pimples start invading your chest and back. retards.

  8. hey, This_is_nasty, if you are living in the US, those ” inbred f*ks and retards” as you call them….are putting their asses on the line to protect YOU your family, your homeland and your freedoms.

    So, if you don’t have the balls to put on the uniform yourself, at least have the decency to refrain from bad mouthing those brave individuals who do.

    1. AMEN to that! Those men in uniform, gives you (not you– but this is nasty) the right to diss anyone, even the person giving you the right to freedom of speach!

  9. UandU, what a great response! I agree with you 100%! If someone can’t be kind, then just shut up! Ungratefulness is so tacky.

  10. guiltypleasure says:

    Seeing this reminds me why I got out of the military… the dudes are so retarded!!

  11. Say something nice and encouraging–gulltypleasure–shame, no name calling–thank them for the video, and leave it alone. Okay?

  12. that was great…is sprays dudes uniform…guy was adorable…looks dead in the camera and says…”im still alive”…i love these guys

  13. dustestday says:

    Nice looking guys!!!!!

  14. God bless our soldiers…

  15. That guy deserves the purple heart.

  16. AW! I love those Guys. They are still laughing after all they have been thru!

  17. Pick_That_Puppy says:

    Meatball surgery at the MASH unit…..

  18. This is a forum to talk about zits/cysts etc… not to express political views. HS you should remove th0se comments!!!

  19. Well I will always say Bless our Men and Women in uniform serving our Country. !!! I dont feel Im being political. God Bless them all.

  20. cool they are on the beach dude has great tat art oops maybe i mean desert haha my bad the army men love when army men pop there pimples zits cyst you name it always a pleasure to watch the young men and woman who serve are country great find Emilbus20 happy new year smooches hugs and audie bear loves :)

  21. comedoness says:

    Always liked this one!

  22. Alway liked the military ones having fun!

  23. Another reason to love our Armed Forces. Great find!

  24. popfiend says:

    I realize these fellows are having some fun, and maybe tthat’s how they unwind. Thing is they have chosen to share their fun with us. And they are handsome dudes. What could possibly be wrong with that? :roll: :lol:

  25. Looks as if there were quite a few of white heads that had been popped :)

  26. Looks like he had some juicy blackheads on his chest. I’m on my way!

  27. Never saw a guy with downward facing nipples before.

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